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New George Turner models


George has been busy in his workshop and will have no fewer than eight new models to show off at Sunday's London International Slotcar Show in Orpington (here).

There are four standard GTM body and chassis kits:

  • Aston Martin DB3S
  • Triumph GT6
  • MGB Roadster
  • Porsche 356 Roadster
Four rather lovely Edwardian cars should also be on show. They will be produced in conjunction with Gareth at Chase Cars - George with the body and Gareth with the chassis.

There is a pre-Christmas cull of some of Georges older models - get them while you still can... Find out more on the George Turner Models website:
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I'm still waiting for the Austin 1800   Rally

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GT6 ... VERY nice..

Here are a few pics from George's stand at Orpington today...


The 'Edwardian' cars certainly grabbed plenty of attention. All the bodies fit the same chassis which is part resin cast and part 3D printed. Both George and Gareth are finding pictures of cars from that era which appeal and then are producing bodies inspired by the originals. They are not scale models of actual cars, but do look fabulous and are - as George suggested - "something different". These were the first three models - but there will be more. I checked the chassis and it can be converted to Scalextric digital (or oXigen) by placing the LED at the front of the guide - there is room for a 3mm LED there.


The Aston Martin DB3S and Triumph GT6 were also show-stoppers. The DB3S is a great addition to George's range of 1950s sports racing cars that all have a similar footprint and performance on the track. Both the DB3S and GT6 look perfectly-proportioned - really beautiful models.

On the other hand... the MGB and Porsche 356 roadsters are going to be wonderful racing cars - nice and low and wide Thumbup


Speaking of low and wide, George has put a hardtop on the Cobra and I am most definitely going to buy one when it goes on sale at the start of December. It should be the ultimate racing Cobra - perfect for any Goodwood Revival fans out there...

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There are more details about the 'vintage' chassis and assembly here:
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Brilliant - I just love his work Heart Heart
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I don't need any more cars but I used to own a GT6 and loved the old banger. Three wheels on the ground and one rear wheel in the air. What a way to go round corners Bigsmile
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You fitted inside a GT6???? Cool

(19th-Nov-19, 01:33 PM)abie321 Wrote:  You fitted inside a GT6???? Cool


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