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What Vintage slots stuff have you bought recently

I started this same thread on SFI, and want to continue it here. Anyone who is into vintage stuff is more than welcome to add to the thread.

So I have not been all that active in purchasing recently, but came across someone selling vintage spares on FB, and I am always a sucker for spares. Made inquiries, not expecting to get them at all - and then very nearly missed his reply
I initially thought I have paid way too much, but when it all arrived, I could see I had got a real bargain.

I recognise the Russkit wire wheels below, and the Cox For Gt and Lotus wheels. But the deep Chaparral wheels - not cox!



Anyone know anything about these motors? I know the purple 2 hole is a Mura - but purple colour - does it signify anything?
Then the purple square hole - believe it is champion - but again purple - does that signify anything? The are not painted - colour looks factory applied.
Orange I would have assume classic - but it just does not look like other classic motors I have.
Black is definitely a Champion.
Any info On Champion white dot magnets? Are they B/W than Arco's?



Does anyone recognise the make of the wheels in the next 3 pics? Possibly German brand?





All the Midori axles below have ball bearings  Cool


All info really appreciated.
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You know where to send the bits you don't use!
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I havent been buying much lately as I am trying to start to use up what I have  Tappingfoot 

But a couple of things caught my interest and even more amazing - I manage to win on e-pay.....

This has puportedly come from a collection owned and raced by the late John Harris, he of Pitman team fame. I assume it is true, but that is not why I went for it.

I just LOVE the really old school build here and he even attempted some detailing with those huge side exhausts.It uses the first run of Revells Corvette body, so I assume built sometime late 63/early 64. The car is HEAVY - I reckon double the weight of the cars I currently build from  old components of the sixties. He has mounted it on the side of the body at the rear and the front in the original post on the body, but has built in a drop arm. I think the chassis is commercial -possiblly different manufacturers for ths motor mount, and chassis itself.The amount of dirt shows that this was a well used car. I THINK it is a Pitman motor, and after a blow out with air, and some judicious application of wd40, it does rev well and runs at 2.88 amps at 10.8 volts (what my home made test bed will work at).








I love it - what do you think???

Hello Anthony, 
A nice Stingray, nicely detailed for a car of that slot era.  Jury still out on the chassis... call it "interesting".


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I love those motors. I have just one of them but enjoy driving it. Not quick at all but it's built like a tank and feels like it will last forever. So much torque that the weight won't hurt and keeps it solidly in the slot. The Revell bodies are a bit narrow for me but with that motor it might handle OK.

Probably best to fit some new tyres first though.

It is really heavy and with new tyres it will be just mm off the track -so weight where it should be !! Have now ordered the tyres...

Did some research - it is a Pitman DC 706 Motor.

OK, now the motor looks really interesting :

[Image: post-11-0-39423700-1365188094.jpg]

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THATS what it looks like,

Will put up more pics once the real clean up starts....

I got this STABO Tankstelle (Filling Station) recently. The Ebay listing didn't describe the functionality, just the appearance and sold for spares/repairs untested. I was intrigued by it and wondered if in fact it was a lap counter. 
The unit came with instructions and it is similar to the vintage Scalextric Fuel Load Gauge. Each pump contains a clockwork mechanism that drives a countdown until the electrical circuit to the relevant lane is cut (so the car stops). 
Unfortunately both units have broken clockwork springs so have not been able to try the unit.
I think the usage is that the winding of the clockwork mechanism for each pump determines how quickly the car will run for so the driver has to judge how much "fuel" is needed to complete the race with the minimum number of stops for a re--fuel (ie re-wind).



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