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Bordeaux international Vintage Slot meeting 19/20.06.21

This coming weekend is the 20th vintage meeting to be held in Bordeaux. Sadly this was planned for 2020 but due to the pandemic, it was postponed several times to now be held in 2021.

Again sadly the UK group and several other country entrants are not making the trip as travel arrangements are just to complex at the moment.

As I am fully vaccinated and have the travel passport - I will be attending this weekend and will put up pictures through the weekend of this wonderful meeting and spectacle.

The theme is F1 / Indy style cars made prior to 1972, and only using vintage equipent. Cars can only be in sidewinder or inline format, with anglewinder not allowed.
No foam or silicone tyres allowed.....

A truly awesome event.


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My humble entries - as I havent raced for 18 months I gues I will be practising a little Sun

Will be using my tyres by and large, and they feel ...... nice - will be interested to see how they handle.






Will do better pics in Bordeaux  Rofl
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It will be good to see you there Anthony. We are finally connected to the internet after ten days in the new place.

A surprising good entry list considering the circumstances and it will be good to race again. My track was demolished prior to the move so haven't seen any action for some time. Just hope they still run.

Good to see that old Ferrari in there!!! Vintage chassis now?

My entries. In theory, it should be the 24th Spazzaneve and the 32nd Tyrrell but we will see after practice.
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In case you didn't get the latest timetable
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Hi Gordon,I bet those cars travelled with you and not in the removal can !!!!
Good luck buddy .


Should be van not can ,bloody predictive text !!!

(15th-Jun-21, 08:23 PM)Fluff Wrote:  Hi Gordon,I bet those cars travelled with you and not in the removal can !!!!
Good luck buddy .


How did you guess? Sun

It should be fun although time might be pressing as the 'powers that be' have mandated we have to use only four lanes at a time so we stand well apart! We'll see how it works out.

Looking forward to catching up again ;)

(17th-Jun-21, 08:15 AM)Anthony B Wrote:  Looking forward to catching up again ;)

In your dreams Rofl

Seriously though will be great. When was the last time? It seems like forever. At Gerald's and Bordo years ago.
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Today is the day it all begins for me. Interesting schedule!

I'm going to leave here after lunch - feeling hugely guilty that I'm abandoning Ronnie so soon after we moved into the new house - drive for about four hours down to Niort and stay in a cheap hotel.

In the morning, a couple of hours down to Bordeaux. Stay at the Ibis Saturday night.

After the meeting ends on Sunday evening, a couple of hours back to Niort hotel.

Monday morning four hour drive back home to Ronnie - no doubt wielding a rolling pin for daring to leave her on her own.

Spend the usual amount of time explaining why, on this occasion, the fates had been against me and the silverware went to others Tappingfoot
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