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Audi R8 GT3 Scaleauto White Kit- Rossi build

I've started my next build, this is a Scaleauto white kit of the Audi R8 GT3.
This kit looks to me to be of great quality and I have put the main body on to have a quick test run and the 20k motor is awesome and it sticks to the track brilliantly.
I drew up the decals and had C&C print them last year.
I only own one other GT3 car which is a Scalextric Aston Martin I brought from Havant swap meet, I've only changed the tyres on it and there's still no comparison to this Scaleauto. To me Scaleauto is well worth the money compared to the Scalextric, just my novice opinion.
To start off I have taken all the parts and sanded and removed flash where needed.
The side panel's and air intakes need to be glued to the main body, these need a little bit of sanding to flush fit but it's worth the effort.(I can't do it half hearted)
The exhaust system that comes with the kit is a bit confusing, there's a mesh/wire panel that has two exhausts attached to it but there is a seperate exhaust system that needs fitting on the inside of the body which then comes out the back.
Looking at pics of the car there is no mesh but I've decided I want to use the mesh but not the two exhasuts attached to it.
I've used the other one but dremeled it out more and also dremeled the tip of it as the original has a lip/crease line,  I've also dremeled inside it to fit two small red LED's to make it look like flames  Wrench
I've brought a Detail Up Parts Series Rear Spoiler, it is for a 1/24 scale model but it has better supports than the plastic ones that come with the kit.
With the kit, the supports have not been made so they fit from back to front, not sure why but all the models I've seen of this is the same yet on the race cars they are like what I'm doing.
The 1/24 scale strut supports work better and I think are more to scale, I'm useing the kit spoiler though as the 1/24 is way too big obviously.
Heres a pic of the 1/24 kit.
You get two different spoilers with the model(not being a rivet counter just having fun making it right)you can see in this pic the spoiler, I've curved the back of it and also the little cuts on the little wings.
Next step, I'm going to primer all these parts mat black except the exhaust which will be a gun metal or dark ali colour.
It's not a complete scratch build but there's still a lot of work, hope you enjoy the posts as much as i will making it.

ps. just seen Carrera have released images of their new cars this year and they are doing a Rossi R8, look forward to comparing my effort to a factory one.
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Really looking good - following with interest Wavegreen Thumbup Thumbup
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(3rd-Feb-23, 06:47 PM)Anthony B Wrote:  Really looking good - following with interest Wavegreen Thumbup Thumbup

Thanks mate, it's going to be a fun one for sure.
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Small report tonight.
Black primer on the main body and other little parts.
It's going to be a fiddly painting process as the black is matt and the rest is gloss.
I was planning on doing a bit more today but I stayed up late and watched a lot of Bathurst and I'm buggered for most of the day. Rofl
Cheers for looking
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I've been working on the interior.
The kit came with a man which is sort of arms and head but I wanted to use a complete figure.
So I brought a interior kit which has dash and top of a motor and a figure.
I've married up 3 figures in the end to get what I'm after and using a race seat from the after market kit.
I had to cut away a bit of the floor and rig the seat up so it works right with driver height and able to hold the steering wheel.
I've used some random part to make the distance on the steering wheel fit.
I made a little gauge box that the Scaleauto doesn't have out of styrene, this will get glued in once painted.
I used two different sections of roll cage and drilled a hole and glued them together.
The aftermarket motor is quite good, I didn't like the black things on the sides. I think they are meant to be headers and pipes so I've made my own from a reference pic.
Here it is before paint with the roll cage in.
I decided I wanted the back bumper area looking the same as the race car unlike the scaleauto kit is.
I cut some bits out from it and added some styrene then shaped some curves.
There is a trumpet thing on the right side which I think is something to do with air jack system.
I made that buy using some ali tube putting a nail punch in it and flaring it, then I put it in my small Dremel and polished it.
I think this section looks really cool.
I've given all this a black primer and next I'll be base coat black and detail paint the motor, roll cage and driver.
Cheers for looking.
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I despise building plastic kits but really enjoy seeing what others do with them  Thumbup

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers
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(24th-Feb-23, 05:48 PM)Kevan Wrote:  I despise building plastic kits but really enjoy seeing what others do with them  Thumbup

Comon Kev, bring that kid out in ya and get the plastics kit on the kitchen table Thumbup

The bit I hate is the modifying it to work better is another matter  Bigsmile  Wrench

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

Really great looking build - keep up the great work!!!
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Stunning work, Tony!

Looking forward to more.  Thumbup
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