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Not your typical Scratch Build

Greetings Everyone!      

I just joined and excited to share some of my past Scratchbuilt projects.

I've always wanted to scratch build an inline chassis but I do not solder well, so piano wire and brass plate was not going to work for me.
So, I decided to build myself a "Retro Mod" chassis, using the inline configuration I grew up with, but with a twist.
As I was "imagineering" my concept, I decided upon using composite sheet as the base chassis material and fabricating the other parts with aluminum 6063-T5.
I had cut out a few dozen chassis designs with each and every one being revised, because it was crooked, uneven, or I did not like the design.
I started out with different sizes, but ended up selecting a .062" thick Phenolic G10 Composite sheet.
Here are a few of my recent chassis design pieces.
More to follow.

Thank you.
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I cut my "motor box" from 1" 6063 aluminum square tubing.
It's not too heavy, weighing in at 5.5 grams.
As a comparison, the forged brass motor bracket I purchased weighs in at 8.4 grams.
I then fabricated the motor box supports which connect it and keep in located onto the chassis.
Here is the motor box and the supports prior to assembly.
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Here is the final prototype chassis design with the motor box, supports, body mount brackets ( for wire clips), front axle mounts and guide tongue mounted.
The guide tongue is also composite.

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Thanks for looking!

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Fantastic work Thumbup

Hi Ernie,

Sharp looking chassis! What scale is it please?


I can tell a lot of thought went into that design.  Hope it works out for you; if not I'm, sure you learned a lot that can be applied to the next iteration, well done!


Thank you for the compliment Jason!

Hi Ken,

At this time, my scratch builds are 1/24 scale.

Hi Bob,

This chassis build was done a couple of years ago at the advent of COVID, when most places were not open and no slot car tracks available for us to test.

Besides, it gave me something to do so I would not go nuts being restricted at home.

The composite chassis handle very well - thank you.

Best of all, my wife has crashed her cars at full throttle and they don't bend or break - just put it back on and drive.

Since then, I've fabricated anglewider and direct drive style of chassis - which I hope to share sometime soon.

Due to the lack of slot car tracks available to test, I ended up building a folding 2 lane test track which fit underneath my garaged car.

I'll share those track photos in the appropriate forum.

It looks like I'm unable to remove the pictures sorry.


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