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News Exciting New Stuff From AutoWorld Slot Cars


As usual, AutoWorld have a lot planned for the new year - much of it top secret, but they have shared some interesting developments this week that transform their product range and put more pressure on Racemasters AFX...

Four-Lane Race Sets - Hitting shelves later this year will be the first of many planned four-lane race sets...


Wireless Controllers - These Bluetooth controllers will allow you to connect to compatible race sets without having to deal with all the cords. These new controllers are designed with the trigger-style throttle for increased control over the classic plunger-style controllers.

Adjustable Power Supply - This new power supply will allow you to adjust the power level of the race sets from 9 volts to 24 volts. The increase in power will provide even more speed while the adjustability allows for beginners to start slow and ramp up the speed as they improve...


Brand New Body Tooling - We previewed some new tooling pics of an Escort Mk1 last year (here) - and there's more new tooling coming. The first tools announced will utilize the X-Traction chassis and include the 1977 Chevy Blazer Off-Road, 1967-75 Ford Escort Mark 1 Rally, and 1970-73 Datsun 240Z...


Expect to see even more new tooling later in 2022, together with plenty of re-liveries on old favourites.

New 2 Lane Layouts - With the upcoming Four-lane sets, the tooling for new radius turns has been used to create some brand-new layouts for future two-lane racing sets as well. Look for more on these layouts later this year.

A big thank you to Round 2 for the update!
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Like the variable power supply but LOVE the 240Z!
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