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Custom Drag Cars

           I have just completed my version of the Flying Dutchman Dodge Drag car. There is a photo of the 1/1 car for comparison. I thought that there maybe some interest as the next proxy drag  meeting is next week.
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I think you nailed it!

A convincing replica indeed.

Where some must die, so that others may live. Wrench

Great job Thumbup 

Go on, show us some more Mazda... you've produced some superb drag cars that everyone needs to see Cool

Before anyone points it out, the two stickers on the front wings are the wrong way around. BUT I have several photos of the real car and some show the Champion sticker in the front and some the Pennzoil, so it is correct both ways around. Thumbup

Mazda. The decals are the wrong way? I didn't notice in the blinding amazement of the entire build!

Very cool drag-racer. A fantasic car!  Thumbup

There's nothing quite like the smell of Sunoco 110-octane racing fuel coming from a well tuned engine with 12:1 compression ratio.  Wrench


Kindly post more photos of your drag cars? Any class please?

Thank you very kindly,

Texas Drifter Chevy Nova and
Topolino Dragster. Both on AFX speciality chassis.

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Wow. Really nice - and if you didn't know the source of the Fiat's wheel/chassis combo' you'd be hard pushed to know it was HO scale!

Two more Funny cars a Chevy Camaro and a Capri.
The paint job on the Capri was not easy but I am quite pleased with the result.
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Mazda, they all look stunning!

Where do you get wheels like that?

Thank you kindly for posting.  Thumbup

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