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Teamslot Ford Escort MKII RS2000 X-Pack - Modified Ford Series 2021


Teamslot PDV01013004 Ford Escort MkII RS2000 X-Pack - Modified Ford Series 2021 - Jamie Gough. Available 24 November 2021.

Teamslot originally made Jamie Gough's X-Pack as a UK exclusive and it was released last year with the new TS-13 30k motor as an anglewinder - a total monster of a slot car that sold out very quickly. As well as being a star in Ford enthusiast circles, Jamie's Escort is raced in the UK Modified Ford Series - of which Jamie was a founder member back in 2019. Scalextric have sponsored the series this year and that will continue into 2022 - a relationship which spawned a slot car model of Andy Pipe's fabulous Mk1 Escort. Rumour has it, there will be more Scalextric Fords from the series in the future.


Jamie - and the crew at HT Racing - made some changes to the car for 2021. Most notable are the gold BBS wheels and the big Zakspeed-style rear wing. This updated car is the basis of the new model from Teamslot - a world-wide release with the standard inline TS-12 25k motor and aluminium rear hubs. Still a great car to drive. Planned as a Christmas surprise, the new model wasn't the best-kept secret... Jamie was understandably excited about it when I spoke to him for an article in September's Slot Car Magazine.


Jamie does like his slot cars. As a youngster (he's not exactly ancient now) he raced on Thursday nights at New Addington Scalextric Club, near Croydon. He's now introducing his young family to slot cars - although they don't get to run his Escort yet. Jamie told me about how the first Teamslot model came about...

Quote:It was unbelievable! First of all, Simon from Scalextric approached me at Brand Hatch a few years ago, he said “I’d love to do you car, but we just haven’t got the moulds” – and that must have been the day they decided to do Andy’s car. Then Steve at Teamslot got in touch and it went from there. It’s a real privilege – not a lot of people can say they’ve got a slot car of your own motor car. It was a long time in the making, but when I saw it, I really couldn’t ask for anything better – it’s exactly the same as the real car. The detail is unbelievable on it. My mum was happy as well!

And very soon, he'll have two models of his car! It can't get much better than that.

The real Modified Ford Series is great grassroots racing. Under the leadership of Escort racer Paul Nevill, they have set up a programme that holds races around the country and caters to Ford enthusiasts who want to race hard against other who love and value their Fords. The grids are pretty special and the noise sensational...

You can find out more on the Modified Ford Series website:


The Teamslot Escort X-Pack 'Modified Ford Series 2021' has just been announced this weekend, so prices and pre-orders will be a little slow to catch up. However, expect the car to retail at the standard Teamslot price of £45-55 and it will be shipped from Barcelona next Wednesday.
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Enjoyed the ModiFords...

Print It, Build It, Race It, Improve It, Repeat...
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