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Rallycross Escort limited edition

Not on general sale but there is a limited edition Scalextric Rallycross Escort available:


It has been commissioned by the team as a promotional item and can be ordered by email from :

Price is £58 including UK postage.
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This car is Amazing!
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Have just exchanged a couple of emails with Andy at MRC Services,  very helpful and my order is placed and paid for. 

I was at Lydden Hill Circuit on Saturday last, and saw #27 Martin Reynolds take a very good pair of wins, albeit in his Mk2 Escort,  which looks very similar.  He races a great collection of Ford's, including a super little Anglia, come on Hornby Scalextric, you know you want to  Rofl

Will post some photos of the Mk1 Escort when it arrives. 

Thank you Brian for posting this, would have been very easy too miss otherwise.
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(26th-Jul-22, 04:28 PM)Gpa113 Wrote:  Thank you Brian for posting this, would have been very easy too miss otherwise.

You are welcome, I came across it by accident and thought it might be of interest. I wasn't aware of Martin Reynolds before but I have just realised that he and his construction firm are based near Downham Market which is seven miles from where I live. I wonder if he keeps his race cars there? Must pop along and investigate sometime.
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If they are there would be an interesting visit.

From my experience of seeing him race he has a   Mk1 Escort,  Mk2 Escort,  Anglia, more modified Anglia and a Mustang Mach 1.  Quite an expensive collection for sure.

The cars are always superbly turned out,  and quick.

How did you come across this promotional model Brian?

Found it on FaceBook, one of those random things that pop up on your feed. Forgot where exactly.

Anyway, decided to buy one myself so went over and collected it this morning, very nice it is too. Limited edition of 1500 and they still have some available. The 1:1 car is now retired and living in a Scottish museum. He is trying to persuade Hornby to do his Ford Anglia next but I doubt that will come to fruition. Sadly his race cars are kept elsewhere so I didn't get to see them.


Martin Reynolds is a prominent local businessman and not short of a bob or two but I had no idea he raced until this popped up. The MRC logo on the roof is his main business which makes modular buildings and they sponsor our village football team. The 'Woodlakes' logo on the bonnet refers to a holiday park near me that he used to own which sold for over £5,000,000 recently. How to make a small fortune from motor racing - start with a large one! Bigsmile
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The Anglia drawing looks fantastic, must try and find a photo of actual car, moving forward Scalextric could/should produce their own version along with another deep chinned bubble arched Anglia being 'pleaded' for on another thread of this Forum. #306
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Excellent Brian!
So that goes some way to explaining how Mr Reynolds has acquired such a nice selection of race cars.
Fair play to them for doing a promotional model, it certainly does look the part. 
Thanks for the information.

I think the car may have been a touring car rather than a rallycross car, though I guess it could have done both at different stages.

The set up in the photo above looks a little too low slung for a rallycross car to me, which set me thinking.

A quick search suggests that it took place in the Burton Power Blue Oval Saloon Series along with the Anglia.


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My car arrived today,  very speedy service. 
It looks fab, really impressive looking model.

Great addition to any Classic Touring Car Class.  It's reference is C4295, certainly very collectable. 

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