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News - Seb Loeb Monte-Carlo 2022 Winner :-))

Scalextric WRC Ford Puma

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I did not expect that Scalextric would ever make a new rally car again.
In my opinion are those hybrid Rally1 cars even uglier than the last generation of WRC cars (too big wings and air ducts/inlets).
But in the end we can be happy that they are producing a rally car again after six long years

I am still waiting for a much better looking Rally2 car like the Skoda Fabia, Ford Fiesta, Citroen DS3, VW Polo GTI or Hyundia i20.
I think the Skoda Fabia in particular would be an obvious choice.

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Hello Hub, I agree with  all that you have said and I had given up on Hornby/Scalextric. But...  Its Sebastien Loeb - "The Special One" so its a "must have" for me.


Forum Precepts:  Don't hijack or divert topics - create a new one.   Don't feed the Troll.
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Scalextric were understandably nervous about going back in to the rally scene, as rally cars have never been big sellers for them since the height of the Colin McRae era, when WRC was massive in the UK. However, Scalextric seem to have put together what they hope is the perfect pacakge - a tie-in with M-Sport (who actually leaked the news before Hornby did), drivers including a total legend and a bunch of cult heroes (Breen, Greensmith and Formaux) and the best-looking modern WRC car with one of the best liveries ever...


The 3D prototype is all we have to look at for the moment. The cars are scheduled for release in late summer / early autumn 2023, but can be pre-ordered now. If you do order one of the two cars in the next 12 days, you will be entered into a competition to win a 3D print - signed by either Seb Loeb our Gus Greensmith...


It's great to see Scalextric go big with their return to producing rally cars - announcing in November and building up some excitement, rather than it just being lost amongst the other new moulds in the 2023 catalogue announcement (scheduled for Tuesday 10 January btw). Going for a current car with a UK team tie-in means that they'll get maximum exposure and create a buzz beyond the usual (rather small) community of slot car enthusiasts - not a bad strategy to ensure the new tooling is a success and pays for itself nice and quickly. I don't see the same traction for Rally2 cars... There may be more livery options, but Scalextric's business model is very different to ultra-low volume manufacturers like Teamslot, Avant and Fly where that sort of strategy might work.

But let's not forget Loeb's glorious 2022 Monte victory...

I wonder if a Yaris might follow?
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