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„Nya Racerbanan“, my first scenic track

The track room I have available is not ideal with the leaning „walls“. I have tried to make the best out of it.
It is impossible to catch the track in one shot.I  wish I had a Spiderman outfit! You will have to merge these three together yourself.


The plan might be helpful. Red marked pieces are banked. The long straight is almost 4m, total length is around 19m, it is Carerra track.


I did plan the track design for a long time, testing this and that. I wanted it to have some flow and as much variation as possible.
I have left out many R1-curves and used R2,3 and 4 in different combinations. It features a nice S-curve, fun to drive in both directions.

I intend to keep it basic, with no lighting, no interior detailing, no static grass. It must be easily vacuum-cleaned, there are dusty activities in this house.
A lot of landscaping is to be done outside the track. The strip beside the short start/finish straight will be widened to store a small pit stop.
The concept for scenery is a small, low-profiled local racetrack that has seen better days. I'm hoping this will match my scratch-built wooden cars, mostly from the '50s and '60s.
No grandstands or huge crowds, only a few spectators.

I have started making some buildings and scenic objects using simple materials, mainly cardboard and other things I have at hand, to suit the concept.




More pics soon.

Btw: „Nya Racerbanan“ means of course The New Racetrack, but I'm sure you knew that all along!
A glamorous track must have a fancy name... Bigsmile


Awesome  Thumbup 

The wooden ceiling, floorboards and pictures are all perfect too. Utterly timeless.

Love it. Great flow, looks really nice to drive - in either direction, as you say.  Thumbup

Hi Carver,

Thank you for sharing your photos here at SlotRacer Online.
It is always a great pleasure to look at your stunning work.
Your handcrafted wooden cars and scenic track match perfectly in your signature style.

Will you use the stones on the left part of the track as small rocks in the landscape?
If you like, I would love to see some more pics of your „Nya Racerbanan“ soon.

Hub Thumbup

Thanks, guys!
Andy, sometimes I feel timeless myself, or maybe „out of time“ is more correct. Bigsmile

@top down: I have had this layout for 2 years, not gone tired of it. The high-speed curves are rather demanding.
I change direction once a month.

As this is my first attempt on a scenic track, I have no collection of figures.
Looking around what is available at reasonable prices I found only these:


And not much more! Oh yes, there are some nice Preiser figures, unpainted I think they are well worth the price.
I am not too fond of the cheap Chinese figures you see everywhere. May do for filling a grandstand, but does not attract me.

Like many before me, I tried the Airfix soldiers. Second hand, you can get them for nothing. These are all converted soldiers.


Some of them are easy conversions, others are more complicated.



Not top of the drawer quality, but, as with my scratch-built cars, I like the fact that they are unique!

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(25th-Jul-21, 10:45 AM)Carver Wrote:  I like the fact that they are unique!


They are, for sure Thumbup
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(25th-Jul-21, 10:44 AM)rallyhub Wrote:  Will you use the stones on the left part of the track as small rocks in the landscape?

Hub Thumbup

Yes, I think I  will. But I have not decided how or where.
Along my favorite walk by the Baltic Sea, there are plenty of 1/32 scale beautiful stones in different colors.
On my walks, I fill a pocket each time. Always looking for something useful.  Sun


The last post for today, I have to go looking for stones! Sun

To get a vision of how it will turn out later, I have placed out a few things in the paddock area. There is plenty more to do!



Painting, fixing some grass, detailing, adding more figures are some of the things on the to-do list. I must make holes for the pick-up guides at strategic places (maybe covered by manhole covers?).
The idea is to make a rather busy paddock and public area, and then leave the landscape rather empty elsewhere.
I may change my mind. This is a long-term project, I am in no hurry!

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Lover your work Carver,

The rustic, hand made feel of your buildings and scenics is awesome, it's such a change from the mass produced stuff available,

I'll watch with interest.

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Yep. You're the real Carver. The guy I met at the 49th street bus stop.  Thumbup

Outstanding work!!!

Excellent to see your stuff posted here!
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