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Swedish Rally Track

Hi everybody,

My next track is the Swedish Rally Track.
The table is 5.45m long, with a width between 2.27m and 0.92m.
It is a one lane rally track and the Swedish houses and stable are all handmade.
The trees are made from copper wire.
The figures are modified to cope with the winter conditions.
Please, enjoy the photos.

rallyhub Thumbup


Looking at your tracks is like a journey round the world, all in miniature, and all in fantastic detail.

Beautiful work as always Hub, thanks for sharing.

Are all your tracks still up and running, and if so, how do you find space for them?

Hi Jason,

Thank you for liking. All my tracks are still running.
The Scalextric track is in the loft. The Dutch Trio Track is a tip-up construction against the garage wall.
The Dakar- and Flat Over Crest Track are (on wheels) stowed away under the Swedish Rally Track in the garage.

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Absolutely fabulous Thumbup Thumbup 

I think I have drive up and visit and maybe move one the tracks that so obviously are taking up too much space!   Bigsmile

Lovely work.................looking forward to the video?


Hello RallyHub,
What is the track surface made of? Looks like it is textured.


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Thank you guys for liking.
The track surface is a mix of white wall paint and Heki snow glitter No.3343, followed by a top layer of white wall paint.
I have not done a video yet. Maybe it is a good idea to make one

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Thanks Hub - I'm trying to avoid the old-place.


Forum Precepts:  Don't hijack or divert topics - create a new one.   Don't feed the Troll.

Awe inspiring work as always Rallyhub Thumbup

Passing a wooden bridge.                                                                                                                   Special stage at night.

Hi Savage GT,

many thanks for liking.
Just for fun, here are two other photos of the track.
I hope this helps cooling down, because yesterday, it was nearly 40ºC here in the south of the Netherlands.

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