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The Scalextric Ultimate Guide: Edition 9 Series by Adrian Norman


Adrian Norman has just announced the publication of the first two volumes of his new project - the ultimate Scalextric Ultimate Guide. It's the ninth edition of the book first written by Roger Gillham. Adrian has been talking for a while about how he might utilise modern publishing techniques to create a bigger and better guide that can be updated more easily. And this is it.


Each of the ten volumes - spelling S-C-A-L-E-X-T-R-I-C across their spines - will be published as  print-on-demand titles. Adrian has chosen the Lulu platform to achieve this. With between 250 and 350 pages, each volume will be made available in choice of three formats...
  • PB – standard colour printing in paperback
  • HB – standard colour printing in hardback
  • DL – rich photographic-quality paper in deluxe hardback
Beginning late April 2021, volumes 1 and 2 will be available and then each remaining volume will be released monthly, but not necessarily in numerical order. The books can be purchased online via Lulu or at UK slot car shows swapmeets where they can be purchased from Adrian and taken away on the day.

Without further ado, this is the Scalextric - the Ultimate Guide Edition 9...

Vol 1. THAT INITIAL SPARK – when electricity and plastic evolved model car racing
  • The Tin Age, Development, Tinplate Cars and Sets, The Plastic Age
  • Development
  • Tinplate Scalextric Cars and Sets
  • Plastic Scalextric Cars — The first 40 years
  • Sets in the UK

Vol 2. AROUND THE WORLD – Argentina, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA
  • Introduction and History
  • SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for, ARGENTINA
  • SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND
  • SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for, CANADA and USA

Vol 3. AROUND THE WORLD – Europe, Russia and Scandinavia
  • Introduction and History
  • SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for, FRANCE
  • SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for, GERMANY
  • SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for EUROPE
  • SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for, RUSSIA
  • SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for, SCANDINAVIA

Vol 4. AROUND THE WORLD – Spain and Mexico
  • Introduction and History
  • SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for, SPAIN
  • SCALEXTRIC Manufactured in, or produced for, MEXICO

  • Generating the excitement
  • The Bulletins
  • Catalogues of the Tri-ang, Rovex and Hornby Hobbies eras
  • Range Leaflets, Flyers, Posters, Stickers, Point of Sale, Licensed products, Ephemera
  • Service Sheets, Track Plans, Price Lists
  • Listings

  • Competition and event models
  • Trade exclusive models
  • Code 3 models
  • Livery and decoration : tests and rejects
  • Scalextric competitions and roadshows
  • Club racing
  • Home racing and scenic modelling
  • Special events and records
  • Listings

  • Track and Trackside Accessories
  • Standard Track
  • FEATURE – Race Management
  • Specialist Track
  • Trackside Accessories
  • Buildings
  • FEATURE – Super 124 system
  • Track plans – Famous Circuits Around The World – Analogue and Digital
  • Film, TV and fiction
  • Karts
  • Kits
  • Motorbikes
  • Gallery and Listings – A to M

  • Presentation Box Sets
  • Quickbuild
  • Super 124
  • Trucks
  • You Steer
  • Gallery and Listings – N to Z

Vol 10. PRODUCT LISTING - Chronologically and Numerically
  • Listings – every item by year
  • Listings – every item by reference number


Volumes 1 & 2 are available from Lulu here. You will find the prices for the three different versions of each volume on the relevant  listing. As with any print-on-demand publication, I would recommend checking each page when you receive the book. If you spot any printing errors, including blank or missing pages, Lulu will ask for images and then send you another copy.
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ANy idea if Adrian will be doing any Slot meets in Euope?
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Probably best to ask Adrian directly. Or keep an eye on the Scalextric Ultimate Guide Facebook group here.

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