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Scalextric Summer 2024 Releases

From the Hornby media office…

Scalextric announced the launch of its latest range today, featuring an eclectic mix of iconic racing legends and beloved pop culture icons. From iconic Formula 1 cars to legendary movie vehicles, this new collection offers something for every racing enthusiast and collector.

The new range includes:

Ford Anglia 105E - Harry Potter Edition (SKU: C4504)


Embark on a magical racing adventure with the Ford Anglia 105E Harry Potter Edition! This whimsical Scalextric car captures the charm and enchantment of the beloved film series.

John Wick Ford Mustang BOSS 429 (SKU: C4497)


Channel your inner bogeyman with the John Wick Ford Mustang BOSS 429! Straight from the legendary film series, this iconic muscle car combines classic American styling with modern performance for an adrenaline-fueled racing experience like no other.

Land Rover Series 1 - Shaun The Sheep (SKU: C4543)


Embark on a whimsical racing adventure with Shaun The Sheep and the Land Rover Series 1! This charming Scalextric car captures the playful spirit of the beloved character.

Porsche 911 GT3 R - ACI Motorsports 2023 (SKU: C4522)


Experience the pinnacle of racing engineering with the Porsche 911 GT3 R by ACI Motorsports, fresh from the 2023 IMSA series. Every aspect of this precision machine has been meticulously crafted for one purpose: to dominate the track.

Williams FW11B - 1987 British Grand Prix - Nigel Mansell (SKU: C4508)


Step back in time to the golden era of Formula 1 with the Williams FW11B, driven to victory by Nigel Mansell at the 1987 British Grand Prix. This iconic racer represents the pinnacle of automotive engineering.

James Bond - AMC Hornet - The Man With The Golden Gun (SKU: C4524)


Become the ultimate secret agent with the James Bond AMC Hornet from "The Man With The Golden Gun"! This iconic Scalextric car puts you in the driver's seat of espionage.

Volkswagen Golf GTI - Richard Lloyd Racing (SKU: C4520)


Take a trip down memory lane with the Volkswagen Golf GTI from Richard Lloyd Racing! This iconic hatchback, immortalized in motorsport history, is now ready to hit the Scalextric track.

Jaguar MK1 - Mike Hawthorn (SKU: C4506)


Immerse yourself in the elegance and grace of classic racing with the Jaguar MK1, driven by the legendary Mike Hawthorn! This timeless Scalextric car captures the spirit of vintage motorsport.

Ford Escort RSR - Jim Hutchinson (SKU: C4511)


Dominate the competition with the Ford Escort RSR driven by Jim Hutchinson! This rally-inspired racer combines precision engineering with classic Ford styling.

Dodge Monaco - Chicago Fire Department (SKU: C4408)


Answer the call of duty with the Dodge Monaco from the Chicago Fire Department! This rugged Scalextric car pays tribute to the brave firefighters who risk their lives every day.

Shelby Cobra - Gulf (SKU: C4509)


Experience the legendary performance of the Shelby Cobra in iconic Gulf livery! This Scalextric car pays homage to one of motorsport's most iconic liveries.

Jaguar MKII - Inspector Morse (SKU: C4502)


Solve the mysteries of the racetrack with the Jaguar MK2 driven by Inspector Morse! This classic Scalextric car captures the elegance and sophistication of the iconic British detective.

Ford Puma Rally1 - Monte Carlo 2023 - Tanak/Jarveoja (SKU: C4501)


Conquer the rally stages with the Ford Puma Rally1 driven by Tanak/Jarveoja at the Monte Carlo Rally in 2023! This high-performance Scalextric car combines rally-bred agility with cutting-edge technology.

Porsche 911 3.0 RSR - Vaillant (SKU: C4439)


Experience the thrill of endurance racing with the Porsche 911 3.0 RSR in Vaillant livery! This Scalextric car pays tribute to one of motorsport's most iconic liveries.

Subaru Impreza WRX - Police Edition (SKU: C4429)


Enforce the law with the Subaru Impreza WRX Police Edition! This Scalextric car puts you in the driver's seat of law enforcement, boasting authoritative presence and high-speed pursuit capabilities.

James Bond Aston Martin DB5 - Goldfinger - 60th Anniversary Gold Edition (SKU: C4550A)


Relive cinematic history with the James Bond Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger in the 60th Anniversary Gold Edition! This iconic Scalextric car celebrates six decades of 007's adventures.

Williams FW45 - Alex Albon - Gulf Edition (SKU: C4559)


Hit the track in style with the Williams FW45 in Gulf Edition livery, driven by Alex Albon! This Scalextric car combines championship-winning performance with Gulf's iconic colours.

"We're incredibly excited to introduce this diverse range of Scalextric cars, each one offering a unique racing experience," said Simon Owen, Head of Brand at Scalextric. "From classic race cars to beloved movie vehicles, there's something here for everyone, whether you're a seasoned racer or a casual enthusiast."

The new range is available from the Scalextric website and select retailers nationwide. For more information and to view the full range, visit

[+] 5 members Like woodcote's post

Some nice cars in there - and probably at least something for everyone.

I especially like the Jags - Morse and Hawthorn... Plus two exceedingly nice Porsches. The one I will almost certainly buy is the Golf, but I am waiting with baited breathe for some racing liveries on the AMC Hornet. Didn't see that coming at all.

However, I'm still not convinced by releasing the range in small chunks. I knew there was a release announcement today, but could work up much enthusiasm... There are too many other things going on - UKSF this weekend, the start of decent weather and so outdoor hobbies, lots of real motorsport etc etc - that it wasn't a priority, especially with only a handful of cars expected. Contrast that to the near-hysterical excitement of a full range release in the dark and miserable days of early January - it is the only show in town.

These cars are the summer/autumn releases by the look of the website listings... there'll be a further announcement of the winter releases, but presumably that will be in January? Or maybe a few pre-Christmas?

As for the Scalextric Club being axed... I know it doesn't do the best business - and the team would like to make cars for everyone to buy - but by the upset overnight, I think it's a bit of an own-goal.
[+] 4 members Like woodcote's post

Hi Andy, and everyone else   Wavegreen

Thank you for posting this up on the forum,  much appreciated. 

Fully agree.   That didn't feel like a proper range release, and the January range release didn't appear to generate the same level of interest as usual either. 

Some nice variations of existing models.  The Inspector Morse car is a nice addition,  and the Mike Hawthorn  Mk1 is a must buy, even if the the quarter light mouldings for the windows are missing,  and the door frame area appears a good bit oversize......

The VW Golf GTI is awesome,  I remember seeing this particular car race back in the day.  It will fit perfectly with the Capri's,  Rover SD1, Jaguar XJ-S etc.  

But overall?   I think one proper full range release,  in January,  as usual,  would be preferable. 

I hadn't realised the Scalextric Club was being stopped. Never been the same since the good old days of Racer magazine!    Interestingly the Hornby rewards scheme is continuing, however this year it features enhanced points, as opposed to points plus a 10% discount as a Club member.  In reality we all know that you can buy new Scalextric cars cheaper than from Hornby,  so the extra points only offset the extra price really. Still, Club special cars were a nice touch.

Looking forward to Gaydon this weekend,  and pestering the Hornby Scalextric team to produce the Ghostbusters Ecto 1, as usual!    The latest film has taken plenty of money, so no doubt any licensing fees will have increased!!

[+] 2 members Like Gpa113's post

My understanding is that the Scalextric club is not being axed as such, more suspended for this year, returning in a new format in the future, possibly 2025.

According to Scalextric...

Quote:Sadly, we must announce that there will be no Scalextric Club for 2024-2025. But fear not, we're streamlining for a better experience in the not too distant future!


Quote:we are going to be making some changes to the club format and it will be back better than ever. Stay tuned for updates
[+] 3 members Like JasonB's post

Well spotted Jason.

Maybe the new updated Scalextric Club will be better, it seems there is still interest amongst some of us!
[+] 1 member Likes Gpa113's post

An update from Gaydon - there will be another selection of cars announced in the autumn!

The new ones on display did look rather good, especially the Golf and the two Porsches.
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