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Carrera Mustang GTY - down the rabbit hole !

As I mentioned on the 2021 purchases thread, I bought these because I liked the mad bodykit on a modern mustang idea.
I didn't like the wheels, so I intended to change those, re-gear the car and be done.

At the time I was also ordering another couple of chassis from Angelo of Amato slot car design, and we got to conversing about stuff chassis related.
The upshot was he had things in development and Angelo agreed I could do some R&D  Bigsmile

Now, most of us know that Carrera cars are pretty heavy, so I wanted to use a long can motor for torque and braking improvements, and as these cars were nice and wide, may as well see if we could make it an AW as that's my layout of choice on cars that can take it.

To begin - the stock car.

[Image: RmsbGSg.jpg]

It should be noted, the wheels and tyres are Hooooge ... a bit over 25mm diameter in total, the wheel and tyre combo I will be using comes in at 23mm.

The body isn't light !

[Image: V2iKz29.jpg]

[Image: v51p5r5.jpg]
Built like a tank, we may be able to lose a few grams chopping that interior about, but I will not be trying to thin out the body  Tease

Onto the chassis, one thing I had overlooked was to use the drop in pod conversion, I would need to cut the chassis in 2 at the wheel wells and use the adaptor a to hold it together.  Ambulance

[Image: SywumpS.jpg]

I wasn't keen on that idea, so I decided as I had a wide chassis, I could recess some of the adaptor and use it to strengthen the chassis where I would be making it weak.

So my old faithful rotary tool came out and I set to work.
Kudos again to Angelo, the pod was dremeled quite thin in places and is holding up through my ham fistedness  Wrench

[Image: yWuRGIu.jpg]

[Image: qTo2f13.jpg]

[Image: IXRsTnG.jpg]

With that done, I now had to take the plunge, and chop a hole in the chassis.
My plan was to retain the stock bushings for now, so I can use them to ensure the pod and adaptor are in the right place and aligned properly when I get to epoxying. i will also cut out the AW parts from the chassis after the whole lot has been epoxied and set.

[Image: LaEj2BX.jpg]

The stock axle has some offset ... The pod I am using temporarily to ensure alignment is a 0 offset Scaleauto inline. It needed 3 mm of spacers to bring it to the stock bearing height, hence the super long screws !
So my plan for the AW is to use a 0.7mm offset Sideways pod (as used on the GT3 Cars) along with 1mm offset bushes, and if required, some 1mm spacers on the pod.

[Image: 4MCYM9j.jpg]

Because I wanted to retain the stock axle holders and bushing until the adaptor is set in place the fit is a little snug ATM, So I need to shave a little more  off the back of the pod  Sweating  (I already shaved the bottom of the bearing upright in the chassis as far as I could) but I ran out of time in the mancave, so that's it for now .. TBC  Rofl
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Hi SavageGT,

Cool looking body. 40-grams is a bit heavy. It's easy enough to make a lightweight card style interior. How much does the body weigh without the interior and 4-screws that hold it in? Interiors are simply top-heavy excess weight. All you need is a small piece of black cardboard from a craft store, driver, and steering wheel. And some masking tape to hold it in.

The Strombecker interior was very heavy in the car below. The driver, steering wheel, and injector stacks were cut from the original interior and glued to the cardboard.


I look forward to seeing how you finish this cool looking Mustang.

The answer your question KensRedZed, is:

[Image: wIfZcSM.jpg]

TBH I will retain the stock interior as they will only race each other at home and I am not after outright performace, just two evenly matched cars :)
That said, I am happy to chop what is unnecessary out and so I did  Rofl

[Image: qtEmZqh.jpg]

Obviously a full replacement would net much greater loss, but as a simple chop job any amount lost is to the good !

[Image: GrwVfcN.jpg]

Here are the stock wheels:

[Image: ITLwjJd.jpg]

The replacements are 19mm with high profile NSR tyres stretched on, and even then are a good bit smaller.

[Image: A2yU4kI.jpg]

So onto the chassis mod.
The pod was epoxied in and left to dry.
Once it had, I removed the clamps and used a load more epoxy  to surround the frame, it ain't pretty but strength is the priority here !

[Image: 6G1aWNK.jpg]

Here you can see the 0.7mm offset pod still way lower than the stock bearing (before I cut them off).
I had to use a 1mm offset bearing and 2mm spacers under the pod to get the same axle height.

[Image: ON0ErtA.jpg]

Once I got the proper length screws for the pod, I could wrap up the project  Wrench

[Image: 7gkTlWl.jpg]

[Image: pRgukOP.jpg]

[Image: PZrWGaj.jpg]

[Image: rGsWKJ8.jpg]

Once again, many thanks to Angelo of Amato 3D Printed chassis and accessories, for letting me loose with some prototypes more of which I have to share with you at a later date  Tease

And to think I originally only intended to change the wheels  Rofl
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They both look great!

They look evenly matched.  Thumbup

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