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WHO Winter Rally-Sprint Proxy 2021 REPORT


Welcome to the race coverage of our first ever 1:32 scale proxy at Worthing HO Racing! The event began at 5pm on Wednesday 20 January with an opening ceremony and presentation of all the cars at Rally-Sprint HQ in Brighton.

Twenty-eight people entered forty-six cars across three classes. Along with local Sussex entries, cars arrived from all around the UK - including several from Wales, Scotland, the Midlands, North East, Kent and the Home Counties.

The aim of the Rally-Sprint was to complete all eleven stages in the shortest total time. Cars raced one at a time, driven by the stage host. Full details of the format, classes and rules are over on the sign-up & information thread here.

The event was organised to be Covid-safe and to comply with the UK national lockdown restrictions. Everyone who took part - or followed the coverage - could enjoy some slot car fun, while keeping everybody in their community safe. That's why we needed to adjust the schedule a little.

The Rally-Sprint ran for six and a half weeks on eleven stages, built by four WHO racers in their homes...

SS1: Falmer Rallycross 1 - Ninco + Ninco off-road. Brighton (Andy). Thursday 21 January. SS1 Report starts here. Results here.
SS2: Martyrs' Mile - Scalextric Sport + Classic. Goring-by-Sea (Simon). Monday 25 January. SS2 Report starts here. Results here.
SS3: Jupp's Cup - Scalextric Sport + Classic. Goring-by-Sea (Simon). Monday 25 January. SS3 Report starts here. Results here.
SS4: SouthDowns 1 - Scalextric Sport. Goring-by-Sea (Oli). Saturday 6 February. SS4 Report starts here. Results here. Live stream video here.
SS5: SouthDowns 2 - Scalextric Sport. Goring-by-Sea (Oli). Saturday 6 February. SS5 Report starts here. Results here. Live stream video here.
SS6: Martlets Rally Stage 1 - Scalextric Sport. Worthing (Jean). Saturday 20 February. SS6 Report starts here. Results here. Links to video in report.
SS7: Martlets Rally Stage 2 - Scalextric Sport. Worthing (Jean). Saturday 20 February. SS7 Report starts here. Results here. Links to video in report.
SS8: Saddlescombe to Devil's Dyke 1 - SCX Classic. Brighton (Andy). Saturday 27 February SS8 Report here. Results here.
SS9: Saddlescombe to Devil's Dyke 2 - SCX Classic. Brighton (Andy). Sunday 28 February. SS9 Report here. Results here. Live stream video here.
SS10: Falmer Rallycross 2 - Ninco + Ninco off-road. Brighton (Andy). Thursday 4 March. SS10 Report here. Results here.
SS11: Brighton Pavilion Ice Rink - routed foamboard. Brighton (Andy). Sunday 7 March. S11 Report here. Results here. Live stream video here.

Finals Standings can be found here.

All the coverage was posted on this SlotRacer Online thread, with highlights and links on the WHO Facebook page. You'll find results, pictures, reports, overall standings and links to videos of the live streaming of six stages. Every Wednesday, we put together a Rally HQ weekly news briefing that went live around 5pm UK time...
  • News Briefing 1 - click here
  • News Briefing 2 - click here
  • News Briefing 3 - click here
  • News Briefing 4 - click here
  • News Briefing 5 - click here
  • News Briefing 6 - click here
  • News Briefing 7 - click here

Much of the coverage, results, pictures and some slot rally articles have been collected in a 56-page Souvenir Fanzine available as a free pdf download here


Strap yourselves in and get ready for the ride!   Rally
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Perfect rallying weather...Storm Christoph coming!

I love puttering with gears
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It's 5pm on Wednesday 20 January - and time for all 46 cars to be presented. Storm Christoph is lashing the seafront, so the ceremony has moved indoors to the Brighton Centre...

Do you want to know more about the cars and the entrants? Pictures and info coming up very soon...
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There are twelve cars in Class A for 1997 to 2007 WRC cars manufactured by Scalextric (Hornby)...


A1 Clive Mills - Subaru Impreza #5. Clive has been highly competitive in our HO proxy drag racing series and has sent a full set of cars down from Kings Lynn for the Rally-Sprint.


A2 Paul Cooper - Skoda Fabia #12. Paul is a member of the Hawthorne Park Slot Car Club and has cars in all three classes.


A3 Graham Edwards - Subaru Impreza #10. Graham has sent three cars from Nottingham.


A4 Mike Scott - Skoda Fabia #14. Mike's cars have come all the way from Whitley Bay in Northumberland.


A5 Andy Player - Renault Maxi Mégane #24. This one hasn't had far to travel...


A6 Rebecca Shtasel - Ford Focus #6. And nor has this one. Lockdown has inspired Rebecca to get into the slot racing spirit, spending her own money on HO drag cars and now some rally cars. Rallying is her motorsport passion.


A7 Jeremy Belcher - Peugeot 307. It looks like WHO/digital racer Jeremy took the scenic route over from Eastbourne - his Peugeot wins the award for "most muddy car before stage 1". Sadly his TR7 project wasn't ready in time, so this is Jeremy's only entry this time.


A8 Simon Kendall - Subaru Impreza. Simon's Subaru and Class C Mini have come all the way from West Lothian - to win the award for "cars furthest travelled"... but only just.


A9 Doug Passell - Subaru Impreza #29. Captain of Team Chesterfield, Doug (aka Top Down) is an HO and 1:32 club racer and has - with David, Noah and Dylan - been racing in our HO proxy drag racing events. Doug also has one WHO event at the Barn under his belt.


A10 David Passell - Ford Escort Cosworth #15. David is the second-in-command of Team Chesterfield and will also feature in Class B and C.


A11 Noah Passell - Subaru Impreza #5. Noah will be contesting "top junior racer" with his brother Dylan.


A12 Dylan Passell - Toyota Corolla #5. Each of the brothers has a car in Class C as well.
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Nine cars make up Class B - for Scalextric DPR models of 80s 'Group B' rally and rally cross cars...


B1 Clive Mills - Lancia Delta S4 #7. Clive is back with this lovely Grifone Lancia.


B2 Leo Capaldi - Ford RS200 #11. Leo (aka Scuderia Turini) just missed out on the furthest distance travelled by a few miles. His RS200 and Class C Lancia are down from East Lothian. Leo is an honorary WHO member, having taken part in our HO proxy drag racing last summer.


B3 Paul Cooper - Ford RS200 #5. The first of two Belga-sponsored Fords - this one from Wrexham.


B4 Graham Edwards - Audi Sport Quattro E2. Graham's Rally Cross Quattro looks the part on the start ramp!


B5 Andy Player / Rebecca Shtasel - Ford RS200 #34. The second Belga RS200 is a local entry.


B6 Andy Davis - Lancia Stratos #6. WHO/digital and East Worthing Scalextric club racer Andy is taking part in his first slot rally.


B7 Doug Passell / Noah Passell - Audi Sport Quattro E2 #1. Doug and grandson are sharing the Team Chesterfield Audi.


B8 David Passell / Dylan Passell - MG Metro 6R4 #8. The only Metro in the field is being shared by a father and son team.


B9 Oli Abbott - Audi Sport Quattro E2 RallyX #12. WHO/digital and South Downs Slot Car Club racer Oli is hosting two stages of the rally-sprint. His Audi almost didn't make it - the parcel was delivered to the wrong address.

** If anyone wants a full-size, high-res photo of their car on the start ramp, just send me a message or email the WHO address**
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Class C - running to the Slot Rally UK 2020 rules - has 25 entries. I'll introduce them in two groups...


C1 Clive Mills - SCX Alpine A110 #60. Clive has chosen Pat Moss' fabulous Monte Carlo Alpine for Class C.


C2 Leo Capaldi - SRC Lancia Delta S4 #7. Leo means business with SRC's sensational new Lancia. I can't wait to drive it!


C3 Phil Barry - SRC Porsche 914/6 #53. Phil won the 'Classic' class with this car at the Wye Valley Winter Stages before Christmas. This has to be one of the favourites for overall victory.


C4 Simon Coombes - SCX BMW M1 #3. Simon is hosting stages 2 & 3 in Goring next week. His BMW M1 is a typically tasty entry for the WHO veteran.


C5 Duncan Skelt - SCX Ford RS200 #14. WHO racer Duncan was going to be helping out with Simon's stages... until lockdown intervened. At least he gets to take part - from a distance - with this classic SCX RS200.


C6 Paul Cooper - SCX Lancia Delta Integrale #1. Paul's SCX Delta is a lovely-looking car and should be great fun to drive.


C7 Graham Edwards - NSR Renault Clio #3. Graham has sent us a monster of an NSR Clio! It might be a handful on the shorter stages, but will really stretch its legs at Jean's in the penultimate week.


C8 Gill Child - Scalextric Ford Escort RS Cosworth #4. Gill is making her slot rally debut with this wolf - JS chassis and Flat6 - in sheep's clothing.


C9 Ade Child - Scaleauto Ford RS200 #3. Ade is a new-ish member at Viking Slot Car Club and has fitted an NSR motor in his super-looking RS200.


C10 Alan Wilkinson - Ninco Renault Mégane #4. Alan (aka nonfractal) is missing his racing at Nascot Wood. Hopefully the proxy race will be a good distraction. His Ninco Mégane has a HSR chassis and he's obviously enjoyed getting it ready for some rally-sprint action. One to watch? We'll see after stage 1 tomorrow...


C11 Kevin Veitch - PowerSlot Nissan 350Z #19. Kev (aka Oxo Cube) has sent this beaut down from Burnley. The hosts (& helpers) will be voting on "best in show" during the event... and I think the Nissan will be in the mix. I suspect it'll go well on track too.


C12 Alan Birchmore - Ninco Citroën C4 #2. Alan was top Ninco with this C4 in the recent Wye Valley Winter Stages, finishing third in the 'Modern' class. He's up against a gaggle of Ninco WRCs here as well, but should in contention for the overall podium at the end of the eleven stages.


C13 Andy Player - Ninco Subaru Impreza #5. This Subaru took a shock fourth in the 'Modern' class at Wye Valley last year. I had to give it another run, didn't I?
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I’ve been looking forward to this event. It’s a long time since I have played with these (big) cars. Bigsmile
Good luck everyone and a thanks to Andy and all the other members involved in putting this event on for us all to enjoy. Wrench
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C14 Sebastian Birchmore - Ninco Mitsubishi Lancer #8. Sebastian was one of the main organisers of the Wye Valley Winter Stages, so it's a pleasure to be able to host his Lancer at WHO. He can sit back and enjoy!


C15 Phil Field - Ninco Citroën C4 #5. Phil is another stalwart at Wye Valley Slot Car Club in Abergavenny - and a champion of UK slot rally events. His C4 is another of the Ninco contingent.


C16 Mike Scott - SCX Toyota Celica #36. Mike's Class C entry is this eye-catching SCX Celica.


C17 Rebecca Shtasel - Policar Subaru BRZ #26. A rather different shade of turquoise is Rebecca's Subaru BRZ. This out of the box Policar 'Home-Racers' car could be interesting around the short, twisty stages - but is likely to be underpowered on Jean's super-speedways.


C18 Pete Burley / Jerome Burley - SRC Ford Capri RS2600 #72. Pete has enjoyed converting this SRC Capri to rally spec. He'll share it with multiple-WHO junior champion Jerome.


C19 Simon Kendall - Carrera Mini Countryman WRC #14. Simon's majestic Mini is the only Carrera car in field.


C20 Craig Jones - SCX Citroën DS3 #1. Craig is keen to see how his new DS3 Red Dragon chassis performs. They are available to buy if you fancy one...


C21 Steve Jones - SCX Fiat 131 #1. Steve is Craig's dad and a fellow Llantisant Slot Car Club member. His lovely Fiat also has a Red Dragon chassis and those lovely red Staffs Slot Car rims.


C22 Doug Passell - Scalextric Ferrari F40 #84. Scalextric produced this F40 with a co-driver, so it's going to enjoy some rally action over the next six weeks.


C23 David Passell - Scalextric Lancia 037 #7. At last - a Lancia 037. Both Leo and me were thinking of running Ninco 037s, but opted for other choices. I am glad we have one on the start line.


C24 Noah Passell - SCX Ford Escort RS1800 #11. And an Escort too - it wouldn't be a rally without an Escort! By the look of things, an upgraded motor in this one...


C25 Dylan Passell - SCX Seat Ibiza Kit Car #1. I'm also delighted to see an Ibiza taking part. We'll see how Dylan - and everyone else - gets on tomorrow's first stage.

SS1 - Falmer Rallycross 1 - will take place tomorrow afternoon and results should be posted here in the evening. Any cars that need a little TLC will get it here at Rally-Sprint HQ, before they all transfer to Goring on Saturday.
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If I'd known there would be a 'best in show', I would have given my Peugeot a wash!

Having seen the opposition, I am going to let Jane drive...I'll just navigate.

I love puttering with gears
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Good Luck Everyone  Thumbup
Huge thanks to the organizers , hosts and drivers  Thankyoublue
Really looking forward to this event   Rally
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