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What's in the 2021 Scalextric catalogue?


Don't get excited - that's a picture from our 2020 range launch coverage back in January. There won't be any visits to Covid-ravaged Margate this time...

However, there with be some coverage here on SlotRacer Online from around 3pm on Tuesday 5 January, as soon as the 2021 catalogue goes live on the Scalextric website. Indeed, our coverage has started at post #14 here:

What do we know? As always, the new range is kept under wraps until the moment it goes live on the website - even the retailers have to wait. This year, the Scalextric team have already announced one new car (available for pre-order) and have given us three teasers on the Scalextric Advent Calendar.


C4249 DeLorean 'Back to the Future Part 2'. RRP £45.99. Available Summer 2021.

The DeLorean from the first Back to the Future film was a big his this year and Scalextric have followed it up with a re-worked model of the car that appeared in the 1989 sequel. The rear of the car features a 'working' Mr Fusion Home Energy Reactor. Will we see the DeLorean from Part 3 in 2022?

The three teasers were a blurred image of a new car and close-ups of the bottoms of two others...


An Escort?


That's definitely a Jaguar.


And that's got to be a Porsche.

We'll have to wait a few more days to find out exactly what those new models are.

Scalextric have done a great job getting their ambitious 2020 range out to retailers and customers, despite the challenges of the pandemic and - more recently - pre-Brexit chaos. The last Hornby shipments before Christmas have been delayed due to UK ports being clogged-up and the ships diverting to Rotterdam, which became utterly overwhelmed.

One consignment seems to have got through before the Channel crossings were blocked due to the new Covid strain... so there are just five 2020 Scalextric releases yet to make it - the Colin Turkington BMW 330i, the Colin Chapman triple pack, the Martin Birrane Mustang Boss, Sam Posey Challenger and BBA McLaren F1 GTR. All were scheduled "Winter 2020-2021" - so not technically late - but I am sure a few of us were hoping for those three Lotus F1 cars to be under the Christmas tree...

What's on your wish list for 2021? As usual, I'm waiting to be surprised, shocked and delighted... Although I really wouldn't mind a couple more Capri Mk3 race cars. The Belga-sponsored Spa 24 hour car would be top of my list.

Just a reminder... Our coverage has started at post #14 here:
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I hope the Porsche is a classic, something like a 3.2 Turbo, 1990 964 911 or (fingers crossed) a 2.7rs

On my wish list, apart from the above - 

2020 Hamilton Mercedes F1 
T6 Camper 
Mk2 16v Oak Green Golf GTI (Big Bumper model)
Mk1 Golf GTI
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TVR Vixen 
Triumph TR 3,4,5, 6 and GT6
Emma Peel and Steed The Avengers Box Set.
Lamborghini Miura

Not holding my breath for any of these as I think I may pass out!  Sun
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I'm counting down the hours before the 2021 Scalextric launch tomorrow. I suspect there will be a few grown-ups who won't be getting much sleep tonight...

The plan is - depending on how the Hornby site holds up - to go live with our SlotRacer coverage as soon after 3pm as possible. I've been working on my typing speed, so there shouldn't be too much waiting around once we've started.

[Image: NarrowUnsteadyBarnacle-max-1mb.gif]
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I second the Miura idea!  Thumbup

To be honest, I would much prefer an Espada - but then I already have an AutoArt Miura   Yes


Forum Precepts:  Don't hijack or divert topics - create a new one.   Don't feed the Troll.

I too have an old AutoArt. It would still be nice if Scalex would also make one. Not many race liveries to choose from.

This is Anatoly Arutunoff.


You're on your own with the 4-seater Espada, Leo.  Bigsmile

Hope you slept well Woodcote!

I love puttering with gears
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Like a baby  Sun



The thing is, I have a car for each of the club Scalextric classes, so that tempers my anticipation around today and limits my purchasing opportunities. 

Having said that, sometimes a car comes along that is so beautiful you have to ignore logic!

I love puttering with gears

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