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News Scalextric 2020 Range Launch

The wait is over - the 2020 Scalextric range has just been unveiled at Hornby HQ in Margate and on the Scalextric website. It looks like the Hornby website is creaking a bit - there must be a lot of excited people around the world trying to get a peak. So while you're waiting...

Counting on my fingers, there are 14 (or maybe 15?) completely new models with new tooling - that's twelve in 1/32 scale and three for the 1/64 scale Micro Scalextric brand. There are additions across all the ranges, plus some cool TV and movie-themed stuff that will appeal beyond the established Scalextric audience...
There is an evolution of the Spark Plug wireless control system which will feature in one of the six new sets (including three Micro Scalextric sets and one new ARC Pro Digital set). There is also plenty for families starting out or progressing with Scalextric in either 1/32 or 1/64 scale, including some must-have sets...
It's an exciting new catalogue with some fabulous new cars and some mouth-watering new liveries on existing models. I'm pretty confident that Scalextric fans the world over will be delighted.
If the Scalextric website hasn't gone into meltdown, I'd suggest you head there first. Then come back here for some exclusive pictures from Margate, commentary and a few snippets from the Scalextric team. I've already posted all about the 2020 Micro Scalextric range on SlotRacer Online here.
Before I continue, I'd like to say a big thank you to Martyn, Simon and the Scalextric team for inviting me to Margate and showing me what they've been busy putting together over the past couple of years. You've done an excellent job - thanks for sharing it with SlotRacer Online!
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Why not start with some Formula One Legends?
The Tyrrell P34 six-wheeler was 'leaked' in a DriveTribe video just before Christmas. The P34 will appear in a collectors edition twin-pack featuring the two cars that raced at 1976 Swedish Grand Prix. Jody Scheckter took pole and won the race in the #3 car - the first and only Grand Prix victory for a six-wheeler. Patrick Depailler made it a Tyrrell one-two in the #4 car.
That's not it for Formula One Tyrrells... Scalextric will release the Jackie Stewart Tyrrell 001 from the 1970 Canadian Grand Prix. This was the car's debut in the F1 World Championship, Stewart putting the new car on pole and then retiring from the lead. Only a 3D rendering is available at the moment and I've added a picture of the real car from the actual race...
Last year's Lotus 25 is back with the 1963 Monaco Grand Prix Jack Brabham livery and also as part of a rather tasty Lotus F1 Triple Pack - The Genius of Colin Chapman - featuring a 25, 49 and 72. Liveries will be confirmed...

What's next?
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I'm hoping for some rally cars...


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That's me happy!!! Rofl

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eye spy a deloreon......that is me happy.
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Glad you are happy already Philip!

A DeLorean you say Sunshine?

And we all know you are hoping for rally cars Leo...


But I am going to leave you in suspense... It really does look like Scalextric fans have broken the Scalextric website. I think you should all be seeing the 2020 range on the official website first - the Scalextric team have put an enormous amount of time and energy to bring it to us and now the big reveal has got the gremlins (that's not a reference to any Gremlins-themed cars, by the way).

So pause or crack on? What do you say?

For those interested in the 1/64 Micro Scalextric and My First Scalextric ranges, I will post those in a separate thread in a moment or two.

I understand your respect for allowing Scalextric to reveal their range first Andy....but if their system is not capable or up to it ready, then I think you should carry on.

This will mean that the keen enthusiast will have is inquisitiveness sated  Wrench  and the rest of the world will catch up when the web site is functioning  ready. Time

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Okay, you've twisted my arm Philip. I've posted the Micro review here and I will go grab a sandwich. Then the 1/32 scale pictures will resume on this thread.

Would you prefer staying on a classic theme, or continue to modern times?

Formal website announcements have NOT yet happened so I'm not sure why implications are being made about the website not working. The roll out today is being done gradually by brand throughout the day.

Hi Andy, 
If it were up to me I would go for movie/TV themes next........


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