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Motor engine sounds

Borrowed some magazines from Brian (CMOTD ) and saw an article about Carrera ,spelt that wrong ,some time ago thinking of fitting sound chips into their cars ,Did anything become of that ??

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Not that I am aware but some Fly cars had it at one time. Didn't work too well by all accounts.

Engine sounds are fairly standard in the model railway world so why slot car manufacturers can't manage it is a bit of a mystery. Gear change noise at the appropriate time might be a tad difficult though.

I think they should be able to do it ,the model railway sound modules had  diesel start up ,acceleration ,horns etc  .Perhaps it all boils down to cost ,the digital locos were getting on toward £200 .


I think they made one car but it was pretty rubbish... they also made a speaker set you wired in to your controllers and that was pretty rubbish as well ... I find it  more fun to just vroom vroom noises by myself.... while shopping... wearing pink biking shorts.... and a lace top... oh wait.. wrong forum...

I thought this was going to be about actual slot car motor sounds!

For example, I like the MX16, it reminds me of a high revving turbo engine...

I love gears 

No ,more like making slot cars sound like real cars .Could be fun , a retro fit maybe .

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I would be possible if you take the innards out of a Scalextric Spark Plug and use it as a digital chip on a digital track - you will get control of power and brakes (and matching sound effects), but no lane changing. And you’d need to use the Spark Plug app on a smart device as the controller.

Five engine sounds are offered:
  • V8
  • Rotary
  • Motorbike
  • Monster Truck
  • Formula One
Haven’t done it yet, but it looks very possible. As it is, the sound from the Spark Plug dongle sounds weedy when fixed to the powerbase, but in a nice roomy car body, it should sound quite nice with the sounds coming out of the car.

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