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Scalextric #55 Monte Carlo & #46 T-Bird

Scalextric have released two more liveries of their 1986 stock cars this week...


C4079 Chevrolet Monte Carlo  - Green & White #55    /    C4088 Ford Thunderbird - Yellow & Black #46

And here they are on track at the Scalextric launch last month...


These two new cars for 2020 brings the total of classic Nascar racers to seven individual  liveries, two set cars and two unpainted cars - eleven in total. For digital racers looking for a colour-coded grid, there are two red cars, two green cars, one blue car, two yellow cars, one white car and one black car.

The liveries are all 'fantasy' schemes put together by the Scalextric design team. Most are based on the colour schemes of cars that ran in 1986 Winston Cup, but with different numbers and sponsors. This means there is no need to pay Nascar any licensing fees - and they are rather fun too. The unpainted cars give the option of reproducing actual liveries. A couple of the cars pay homage to earlier liveries on different cars, which I like.

The latest two liveries are based - I guess - on these cars...


This is the Thunderbird the late, great Alan Kulwicki raced during the 1986 Winston Cup season - when he won the Rookie of the Year award. When team owner Bill Terry pulled out mid-season, Kulwicki formed his own team around the #35 Quincy's car. He would remain an owner-driver for the rest of his short career and won the championship in 1992. Scalextric's Allama livery is a very close copy of the Quincy's Steak House car.


The #88 Gatorade livery is a classic - although not raced in 1986 on a Chevy Monte Carlo, it did appear on earlier Monte Carlos, as well as Pontiacs and Buicks. The livery was driven by Darrell Waltrip in the Winston Cup between 1976 and 1980, Waltrip just missing out on the championship in 1979. Ricky Rudd's #88 Monte Carlo had the same Gatorade livery in 1981, with Bobby Allison taking over in 1982 and finishing second in the championship. There's a lot about the Scalextric Arrow Head livery that shouts out 'Gatorade' and it is definitely one of my favourites so far.

I fully intend to the review the Scalextric Chevy and Ford on track at some point. There has been talk that the two bodies are too different to race together. The Monte Carlo certainly looks bigger and bulkier - as it did in real life - but these are the 1/32 scale figures for the Scalextric models...

Ford Thunderbird: Length 155mm; Wheelbase 86mm; Guide pivot to rear axle 103mm; Rear track 54mm; Weight 82g
Monte Carlo: Length 164mm; Wheelbase 86mm; Guide pivot to rear axle 112mm; rear track 56mm; weight 89g

My first impressions are that the Monte Carlo is a tank - and brilliant fun to drive. The T-bird is a little more nimble around the twisty stuff. If absolute parity is required, the painted and unpainted cars do allow a fleet of either the Chevy or the Ford. I think they are fun to race together and a number of tests (mag and non-mag) against the clock and in racing conditions suggest it is swings and roundabouts between the two.

The Thunderbird and Monte Carlo are both high-detail cars, but with no working lights (Nascars don't have them). Both cars are Digital Plug Ready (DPR), although the Chevy may need this modification to count laps reliably with ARC Pro. The 1986 stock cars are released in the Super-Resistant cardboard boxes at the Super-Resistant RRP of £34.99. The cars are available for pre-order at Pendles and MRE and are due with retailers over the next few days. They are already available from the Scalextric website.
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