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My First Test Track

I am putting this on here on behalf of all the newbies. Its a second hand set I bought from a seller in the UK who sells these layouts as a starter set for us beginners for less than £100, which I think is good value for a Scalextric sport digital set (with lots of border that I am yet to fit) .

I cannot match the wonderful track layouts that I will be racing on, so this is meant as a test track to set up the cars on, so it's all I need... 

[Image: LUm-lFB_uNb2G6HlKgg_pecN-yWsAbGu7bbJFYWu...5L1U2I1VfK]

p.s. not sure how to rotate photos...
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Decent little layout.

I've got barriers and fencing to fit round all the curves which should save me having to jump up all the time to put the car back on (the loneliness of a slot car test driver...). I reckon if I can set up the cars right and learn how to go round corners as fast as possible, the straights will look after themselves.

I've added a third crossover so a car goes round both lanes continuously, and there is a lap counter hidden under the chair. So the intention is to set a timer for, say, 5 minutes, and see how many laps I can do in that time. Fettle the car and repeat, fettle and repeat etc until I find the sweet spot.

That's the plan in my head, anyway.

I thought I had sorted my furry track problem with my strategic blanket much for thinking I had outsmarted my cat! 


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I love puttering with gears
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