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Motor upgrading?

Hello! I have some older SCX cars with the RX can motors. They are quite slow and I wonder if there is a way to speed them up? The standard cans RX41 and RX81 are only 16,000rpm whereas the likes of the turbo and 41B are 19000 rpm. Is there any treatment to enhance the 16000 rpm motors?

I would buy some speedier RX motors but I cannot find them anywhere.

Welcome to the forum. The only way to upgrade your existing motors is to take them apart and rewind them so probably not worth the effort. Later motors are readily available though and Spanish eBay usually carries a fair selection.

An alternative to what CMOTD suggested would be to change the motors altogether to regular but higher performance FC130 ('S' can) ones. There are adapters available that allow the fitting of these motors to SCX chassis.

Praise be Cool 

Someone asking how to go faster. I see so many threads suggesting that standard cars are too fast that I was beginning to lose faith in the expression 'racing' Tease

No ideas as I don't run such cars myself but I do welcome you to the forum.

(12th-Jan-20, 05:43 AM)steveaca Wrote:  An alternative to what CMOTD suggested would be to change the motors altogether to regular but higher performance FC130 ('S' can) ones. There are adapters available that allow the fitting of these motors to SCX chassis.

Thanks. I bought some adapters ready to do this, then having gone to the trouble of fitting one motor found that screwing back the underpan wasn't possible. Unfortunately the motor, being too chunky, fouled the underside of the interior. I realise I can remove the interior but that isn't a nice look! I woinder if some of those lexan types will be thin enough.

I will look on Ebay Spain for motors as CMOTD suggests. I'd have thought there were some similar motors readily available these days by a manufacturer to substitute for the old RX cans.

Unfortunately SCX have always gone their own unique way with motors and they don't really match up with anything else available. It is possible to fit other makes but it usually involves chassis surgery.

Yes, I will have to see about replacing the interiors as a cost effective way then.

What about changing the pinion and the contrate? I read somewhere a while back that changing the pinion to a 10 tooth one makes a big difference, but as the existing pinions are 9 tooth it looks logical to me that a 10 tooth would slow the cars down a bit?! If I could buy parts for a high ratio maybe the existing motors would be ok and I could get one of those pinion pulling devices.

Raising the gearing ratio by fitting a 10 tooth pinion will give slightly higher top speed at the expense of acceleration and braking, the benefits depend on how long your straights are and how many twisty bits you have. In any case the older SCX motors are so gutless that it is doubtful if you will achieve much.

A rough guide to gear ratios, pinion/contrate:
9:27 gives you good range of speed and pulling power and braking.

8:27 adds a little more pulling power and braking but reduces top speed. (for mildly twisty circuits).

8:28 adds yet more pulling power and braking but reduces top speed even more (for very twisty circuits).

10:27 gives more top speed and less braking and pulling power (for long straight circuits)

10:24 gives walloping top speed but hardly any brakes or pulling power (huge straights and hardly any curves on your circuit).

It is really just like your full size car, a low gear will scream you up to 50mph but then you hit the rev limiter and it won't go any faster while top gear will push you past 100mph but will take forever to accelerate from 20mph.

Do you happen to know if any of the 'FLAT 6' motors are the same size as the old SCX cans? If their height is less than the Mabuchi cans I may be able to use them in my old SCX/Martchbox Porsches.

Hi Ho Lee Cow.
The RX42B was a quicker motor if you can find any.
Also the double shafted 50600, - you just cut the front shaft for 4WD cars off.

I would suggest trolling the Spanish slot shops and Facebook slot car trading groups in Spanish  "slot coches"or "coches de slot" (slot cars)
Remember that in Spain, "SCX" is called Scalextric under the ancient licensing agreement, and what we call Scalextric, is called "Superslot" So for instance, look for "Scalextric RX42B" in Spain

The Flat-6 can be made to fit, but there is no direct adapter, so you would somehow need to screw into the back of the motor through the motor mount are - OR, and it sounds rough, set the motor in place, then hot-glue it, or use a plasticy putty that sets hard, and mould it around the motor.
Only use the yellow can 20,000 RPM Flat-6, it already has more than double the power of those motors you are using  - you may want to increase to a 10 tooth pinion to get more speed, and utilise the much highter torque

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