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All scales raced and collected.... New Digital track under construction. Trying to implement pieces of favorite tracks around the World into it.... The LONG straight of Road America, Corkscrew of Laguna, Yard of Bricks @ Indy, etc....

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Nice place, thanks for doing it. I get an option on posts to use a signature, but can't find the place to create one.


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6 lane oval racing in Charlestown, NH. We race 12 divisions of 1/32 scale cars from February to November, and we've added some dirt nights as well. 

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G’Day to all from the great state of South Australia really liking the look of the site so far  Sun

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Hi, my son is doing re-pops of Merit Cooper 500s in resin, with engine fitted, wheel inserts for the PP large vintage wheels and an exhaust mega.
He is also doing the odd 1/32nd scale model (my old Mallock U2 Mk 18, for instance) and even some 1/43rds. He has just taken delivery of a small vac-former too, for the glazing.  I have made some wheel insert patterns for the AA Bodies Chevrons, wide and narrow and some other inserts such as the Willment-Climax and a deep dished Minilite.  These are all part of what is essentially a hobby, so don't look for a huge range or regular updates, but there will be stuff that you won't find in the mainstream.  He goes by the name of Monster Racing which was his company name when he use to restore classic racing cars.  Mainly because that was his nickname for our first Shar-pei bear coat.

Cheers, Martin

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I was sitting, as one does, staring at all the bits on the bench. I needed a pinion to fit the usual pressed tin contrates in Revell cars and the like and my eye fell upon the object in the picture. I'm sure most people know that those 'orrid gears eat pinions for breakfast.

Not this one I suspect as it's a cutter for a Dremel but...it meshes perfectly with the contrates! Apart from the problem of having a large shaft I can see a use for this. In a front motored car with back axle bearings to support it! Probably a bit of flexible hose to join it to the motor and voila.

Who says I don't try and be helpful. Bigsmile

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Hi all, 
recently, I have been helping David Yerbury with a few bits for his AA Bodies models and he has sent me some of his resin shells as a thankyou. I love them!
Lola Mk 1.  It came to me with David's apology that it was "a bit wide", so I narrowed it to scale and sent it back to him to remould as the original mould was shot, so now it's a good accurate model of a gorgeous car.
He also sent me a Chevron B 19 and a Lola T210, both absolute favourites of mine as I love the old Group 6 2 litre racers.


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Hi,saw the post on FB and popped  over and take a look.
I'll be watching, reading, digesting and posting when I think I have something worth contributing.


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This was a build for the 1/43 truck proxy a couple of years ago.

I know that a lighter chassis would probably have made this truck quicker, but I am old fashioned and enjoy working with brass.

It all started when this beautiful resin body arrived from Tilo Lehmann in Norway:

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46 years old from Waddinxveen in the Netherlands. 
Have a great day

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