ARC Pro - An Introduction

I really like ARC Pro. In my opinion it is a fabulous entry-level digital slot car system. ARC Pro doesn't do what some of us are used to from the C7042 Advanced 6-car Powerbase (APB), upgraded with its after-market computer-based software, pit sensors and wireless controllers - but ARC Pro does most of it, rather more simply and for much less cash.

It does work well out of the box, but only if the 24-page ARC Pro Quick Start Guide is used as a bible - especially for car and controller connections. The Quick Start Guide gives a very quick (two-page) overview of the app and there is more on the ARC Pro page of the Scalextric website, including the chance to download a pdf copy of the all-important Quick Start Guide. What you get about the app in the Guide are the two pages below.

No Manual

Apart from the overviews above, there is no manual to using the ARC app. I was very comfortable with exploring the app without a manual and I quickly figured out what it did, how to set up races and to trouble-shoot issues. I do that with most other apps on my phone, iPad and computer. However, I appreciate not everyone is so comfortable with that.

There were early calls for a written manual for the app. It wasn't something Scalextric were likely to produce, so it was going to be a labour of love for an enthusiast. I made a start... Having helped out answering questions about the ARC app on the official Scalextric forum and elsewhere, I quickly realised that any written guide, if it would cover everyone's issues, would end up about the length of the Bible - Old and New Testaments combined.

I think the Scalextric forum is still a good place to find info and ask questions, but maybe this is a good opportunity to collect some of the key basics about the app and common issues that some users find difficult to get their heads round.