Digest 50

Digest 50, Sunbeam Tiger, HO Drag results, photographer figures

What’s caught our eye this week?


Volvo P1800 Cyan Racing
Volvo P1800 Cyan Racing
1965 Bizzarrini that won its class at Le Mans

Slot Racing

HO Drag Proxy winter series
  • Some surprising results from Rock County Raceway and an unprecedented conclusion to the best in show. Catch up on all the latest action – HO Drag Proxy Race Reports


Tracks and Scenery

Slot Track Scenics figures
ScaleAuto converter track
ScaleAuto converter track


Slot Magazine cover and pages
Slot Magazine
  • Slot Magazine #43 – January / February 2021. Browse the contents and find out where to buy it.
  • Slot Car Dreams – A new, fully-illustrated book written by Philippe de Lespinay, describing the extraordinary tale of electric model car racing in the Twentieth Century.


Sunbeam Alpine/Tiger in three different flavours

Model of Peter Harper’s 1965 Sunbeam Tiger which came 4th in the Monte
Work in progress from George Turner
Work in progress from George Turner


Blast from the Past

From the days when motorsports reports were pure poetry…

The Freikaiserwagen’s acceleration up the straight, tyres nearly alight,
and the two-stage, air-cooled V-twin Blackburne sounding absolutely right,
had to be seen to be believed,
and could only just be believed even then!

Well we’re all for Freikaiserwagens here at SlotRacer, and exciting reports from Shelsley Walsh in 1949 are definitely our cup of tea. What’s not to like?

What About Now?

Oh, you want some modern stuff? Well okay, apparently some young lad from Norfolk did something. That’s all, nothing much to see here…

… apart from an absolutely stunning performance and a future world champion waiting in the wings. Hold on though, have we heard the name Russell before somewhere? I don’t know of any connection, it’s probably nothing, but what’s going on down there in East Anglia?

Ayrton Senna lived in Norwich for a while, then there’s Lotus, and we’ve got a few decent slot car clubs in the region. Is there something in the water down there that creates good racers?