Digest 27

Your bite sized round up of all the best news of week 27

Digest 27, and an Acura NSX GT3

Slot Cars

Pages from the Le Mans Miniatures 2022 catalogue
  • Le Mans Miniatures Feuilletez nos collections, the new Le Mans Miniatures 2022 e-catalog is now online
Honda NSX GT3
  • Scaleauto Honda NSX GT3 Scaleauto have announced the availability of a new mould to add to their range of 1:32 scale modern GT3 cars, the Honda NSX GT3 white kit.
Fly Porsche Carrera RS and Renault 5
  • Fly 2022 models – coming soon! Fly have just released a raft of new models, including several Renault 5 turbos, and a tasty Tour de France Auto Porsche Carrera RS.
3 Scalextric cars
  • Scalextric July Releases These three are just some of a gaggle of new Scalextric models arriving over the summer. The Gulf Aston Martin V8 and James Bond Esprit are delayed from 2021, but other new-for-2022 models are expected too. Take a look at our 2022 preview in the News section.
3 Carrera cars
  • Carrera July Releases There’s also a batch of Carrera cars due in the UK this month. They include this trio – featuring cars from Le Mans, Pikes Peak and classic DRM. You can see the full 2022 lists on the forum.

Tracks & Scenery

Three routed slot tracks
  • Show us your track We’ve had three great, routed track builds on the forum recently, two from Canada, and one from Australia. Check out the progress of each build…
    • New Track Build Gref’s three lane routed track has had the barriers and fences installed, and next up is the power and lane changers.
    • New Toronto Track Fotodoug’s huge, CNC routed, three lane track has the power installed, and now needs guard rails, lane colours, and timing.
    • A new custom short track in Toronto Otto Pazzi Raceway is Ken’s two lane routed track build, and is aptly named, as Otto Pazzi translates as “Crazy Eights”.
A selection of members' slot tracks
  • Members’ Tracks For a selection of more complete layouts you could do worse than check out our Members’ Tracks section, where you’ll find a fantastic range of fabulously detailed slot tracks.
Silverstone track plans
  • Silverstone If you watched the British GP over the weekend, then you might be tempted to check out our track plans and set up your own Silverstone track…
    • F1 Tracks Modern Silverstone layouts for Scalextric, Carrera, Ninco, Airfix and even a routed four lane track.
    • Scalextric Plans Historic and modern Silverstone track plans for Scalextric.
    • British Racing Greens As well as Silverstone, British Racing Greens has track plans and details for around 60 airfield circuits.

Slot Car Racing

Club racing scene
  • Digital Slot Car Saturday Want to know what a Scalextric Digital club get up to on a Saturday? Worthing HO Racing held their first all-day event for two and a half years last weekend – and there’s a full report, including results, stats, images and video over on the forum.
Extreme Slotting header
  • Extreme Slotting Proxy 2022 Entries for this Rally Raid proxy have now closed. It’s time to prepare those cars for the challenges that await them in August and July. You can follow all the build-up and racing action in the Proxy Racing forum.
Summer Grand Prix Proxy header
  • Summer Grand Prix Proxy The open-wheelers have arrived in the North East and will be raced at NERCS club track this week. You can keep an eye on their progress on the race thread.
Your Club image with racing trucks
  • SlotRacer ‘Your Club’ Forum This week in our ‘Your Club’ forum, you can find reports and news from Manx, Norwich, New South Wales, Worthing HO and Bury St Edmunds slot car clubs.

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Ninco Nissan 350Z and orange soda


  • Porsche 963 LMDh Launch Porsche’s new Le Mans contender was unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed ten days ago. SRC have pledged to reproduce the car in 1:32 scale – and other manufacturers may well follow suit. This is the real cars first run up the Goodwood House hill climb.


Jaguar on Mille Miglia
  • The 2022 Mille Miglia The modern version of the Mille Miglia may not be conducted at the breakneck speeds of the past, but with gorgeous classic cars, and beautiful Italian landscapes, it is nonetheless, just as evocative and atmospheric. Virgiliu Andone travelled with this year’s historic race.
Ferrari at Le Mans Classic
  • 2022 Le Mans Classic Video Coverage The tenth running of the Le Mans Classic event took place over the weekend. A historic celebration of the Le Mans 24 Hours, it features over 700 cars on track and another 8,000+ on display. There’s loads of video coverage on YouTube.
Ferraris at British Grand Prix
  • British Grand Prix There was non-stop drama at Silverstone over the weekend, delivering twists and turns that both shocked and delighted the packed crowds. You can catch up with the race over on the F1 website.
Formula-E car in Marrakesh
  • Marrakesh E-Prix The FIA Formula-E grid travelled to North Africa for Round 10 of the 2021/22 championship. The race highlights and implications for the championship run-in can be found on the Formula-E website.
Citroen rally car
  • ERC Tet Rally Liepāja The European Rally Championship was in Latvia this week – and there was a flawless performance by a local crew to thrill the crowds. You can immerse yourself in all the coverage on the ERC website.
Alain de Cadenet
  • Farewell to Alain de Cadenet The sad news of Alain de Cadenet’s death reached us on Sunday. A successful driver, team-owner, constructor, writer and broadcaster, de Cadenet was one of the great gentleman enthusiasts of our sport. To get a measure of the man and his marvellous life, we’ve linked to Ted Gushue’s 2017 interview and photographs, published on the Petrolicious website.