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New Toronto track

It's been a long road to get here, but we are settled into our house in Toronto (close to our daughters family)!  I have measured the basement (my new mancave), and came up with this design.
[Image: XGn1xCy.jpg]
I have about the same skill level as a carpenter as I do as an astronaut, so I got the track CNC cut.  Here is the tight corner at the end (or beginning of the straight, depending on which way we are going!) of the straight.
[Image: q6e5GW6.jpg]
...and this is the drivers station end.  Individual power supplies, and almost enough room to be comfortable, but not quite!
[Image: v040GDL.jpg]
The track is made out of MDF, with a high gloss white laminate.  The brown pieces are the joints where the two sections of track meet.  They will be industrially glued to the bottom of the track, which should...SHOULD give me a seamless track!  Because I am assembling it, there may be gaps the size of the Grand Canyon!
More to come.
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Fabulous track layout and a great space Doug. Thumbup

Looks very good and promising. Thumbup

Thanks to Home Depot to get supply's!

I guess you know there's quite an active slot car scene in and around Toronto. 1/32 'basement clubs' as well as HO. Found Panther Hobbies yet?

Looks awesome Doug!

Looking forward to watching you build this one - gonna do any scenery?

That's a cool looking track, Doug!

Welcome to Toronto. I had no idea you were so close. Here are some tracks we race on in Toronto.

MVL Leasing.

The Ring.
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Wow guys, whom can I contact next time I'm in Toronto to do a few laps, if you allow a European at the track..... Sun

I'm there like once every 10 years and I would love to learn new tracks......... Wavegreen

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Thanks Ken...I look forward to meeting the guys that race!  I'm at Yonge/St. Clair area...walking distance from the now gone Minigrid!  I will be posting updates on the's a little delayed because of a lack of wood clamps, but Amazon has come to the rescue with 6 more on Wednesday!  There won't be any scenery due to a 3 year old grandson that wants to destroy everything!  I got him two indestructible Scalextric cars...let him destroy those before he gets access to my cars!!!   Rofl Rofl Rofl
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Hi Nico. You already have my email. Let me know when you're in the area, and give me a little warning? Covid has changed things. But there's always something going on with 1/32.

Hi Doug. I'll send you a PM with my email. I can introduce you a few friendly co-racers, and track owners. There are a lot of tracks in the Toronto area. Most are private clubs by invite only. Some charge money. Others are free. I look forward to having a coffee.

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