Digest 20

In case you missed anything, here’s our round up of all the best bits of the week.

EV Triathlon field, AFX Ford GT40, Yenko Corvair Stinger, George Turner MGs, and Slot Car Magazine

Tracks & Scenery

Views of Anglocanadians three lane slottrack
  • Restoration Time Anglocanadian has shared photos of his three lane routed track. Originally built nearly twenty years ago, the track has now been completely refurbished.
VW Notchback with a caravan
Pit lane with 50s grand prix cars


Slot Car magazine covers
  • Slot Car Magazine May 2021 Slot Car Magazine is celebrating ten years of publication with its May edition. Last time, Marc and Ric were celebrating 60 issues. This month, it’s a decade. Bravo!

Slot Racing

UK HO Drag Races with cars on track
Belga sponsored Renault on the start ramp
A group of Scalextric Jaguar I-Paces at scutineering
  • World Championship Slot Car Proxy 2021 The overall standings after Race #1 have been published, and the cars are now on their way to The Professor’s track in Tacoma, Washington for Race #2.

Slot Cars

AFX Ford GT 40 in deep blue with white stripes
  • Scalextric May-June 2021 releases Despite the Scalextric website having all their 2021 pre-releases listed as ‘Available Winter 2021-22’, the new cars continue to arrive pretty much on schedule. May and June are the final months of ‘Quarter 2’ and there are three classic racers to look forward to. Andy has got all the details for us.
Yenko Stinger Corvair in white and blue
  • The last MG for a little while George Turner’s new MG T includes the Stits sisters; Norma or Gloria, or their Father Boris. Unfortunately due to Boris’ lying, cheating and womanising he had to flee the country, but his daughters carried on racing and hill climbing in the early 50s.
Two MGs from George Turner
  • Scalextric BMW 330i M-Sport Police Car A familiar, if not always welcome, sight to many motorists in the UK, the BMW 330i police car with working light and siren is now available from Pendles, and other retailers.
  • Cars bought by members in 2021 Top Down just can’t help spending when he sees beauties like this Vanquish Can Am McLaren. Who can blame him? Sports Racer followed this up with a haul of over 30 cars.
An orange vanquish McLaren Can Am car
  • Painting Spree KensRedZed has been on a painting spree, which followed inevitably on from a purchasing spree of HO scale cars.
HO scale slot cars after a coat or two of paint
Scaleauto's plans for a new F1 range
  • NSR F1 “Rosberg” finished Chris has finished his lovely model of the unusually coloured Marlboro McLaren car Keke used for practice during the 1986 GP of Portugal.
A model of Keke Rosberg's 1986 GP of Portugal practise car