J-Trak Layout


J-Trak is the ultimate D.I.Y. modular system for portable Scalextric Sport and Digital tracks.

It's a semi-permanent layout that you can add to, alter, or join with other J-Traks to make larger layouts.


A few years ago we set out to design and build a modular Scalextric track which could be transported to various public events around the country.

But what we ended up with was much, much more than that.

The system we developed not only met the original design brief, but also opened up a great many other opportunities. Not just for us, but for anybody.

J-Trak is not only portable, stackable, and simple to assemble, it's also flexible enough to be rearranged into different layouts, and it even allows two or more J-Traks to be joined together to form a bigger layout.

The simplicity and flexibilty of the basic system makes J-Trak a "must see" for any body that wishes to combine the advantages of a permanent layout, with the added benefits of being truly modular and portable.

So, if you're interested in slot racing, please read on. Even if you don't need a portable track right now, you might find the ideas interesting.

In Action

J-trak at a public show
J-trak at a public show pkpicsphotography.co.uk/
J-trak at a public show stuartwarstatphotography.co.uk//