4WD - Four wheel drive.


AFX/Tomy - A Slot Car manufacturer.

Anglewinder - A motor positioned at an angle to the rear axle.

APB - Advanced Powerbase. Scalextric digital powerbase.

Armature - The part of the motor which carries the coils.


Bearing - A general term for a device to reduce rotational friction.

Bushing - A sleeve bearing, through which the axles pass.

Braids - Braided wire strips that pick up power from the track rails.

BSCRA - British Slot Car Racing Association.


Can - The metal part of the motor which houses the magnets.

Can motor – A fully enclosed motor.

Chip - A small circuit board that is fitted to a digital car to enable control and use on a digital track.

Classic – Obsolete Scalextric track system.

CLC - Curved Lane Changer, specific to Digital slot track.

C-number - Scalextric product reference system.

Contrate - The gear on the rear axle in an inline motor configuration.

Controller - A hand throttle used to control a slot car.

Copper Tape - The traditional material used in creating power rails for a routed track.

Crown - The gear on the rear axle on an inline motor configuration.


D132 – Current Carrera version of Digital slot racing.

Decal - A water slide tranfer, used to apply graphics to a model.

Deslot - When a car's guide comes out of slot.

DPR - Digital Plug Ready – A Scalextric system allowing easy conversion to digital.

Dremel - Small rotary power tool with interchangeable tips for cutting, drilling, grinding, polishing, etc.

Drop Arm - A hinged arm on some chassis, which allows the guide to rise and fall independent of the chassis.


Endplay - The side to side motion in a fitted axle.


Flipper - The moving part of a digital lane changer which changes the direction of the car.

Floating Motor Pod - An adjustable, moving part of the chassis which holds the motor.

FF - Small, powerful motor fitted to Scalextric F1 cars, amongst others.

FWD - Front Wheel Drive.


Gear Puller - A tool used for removing & replacing press on gears.

Ghost/Ghost Car - Car running on track under control of the powerbase.

Guide - The component under a slot car which holds the braids, and sits in the slot.

Guide Blade - The part of the guide which sits in the slot.


H0 - The smallest slot car scale, originally 1:76-1:87, now usually closer to 1:64 scale.

Hub - The inner part of a wheel, not including the tyre.


Inline - A motor configuration with the motor shaft running inline with car, at a right angle to the rear axle.

Inox MX3 - lubricant for improved electrical conductivity of track.


Kit Bashing - Making a model based on/using bits of other kits.


LC - Lane Change track pieces used in a Digital slot track.

LED - Light Emitting Diode.

Lexan - A thin, lightweight material used for forming body shells.

LMP - Le Mans Prototype - cars run in Le Mans 24hrs race


Magnabraid - Woven braid used as power rails on routed slot tracks. Magnetic, unlike copper tape.

Mint - Factory fresh, unused, as new.

MDF - Medium Density Fibreboard, a popular board material for routed tracks.

Mods – Modifications, performance tuning.

MRRC - A Slot car manufacturer (Model Road Racing Cars).


NASCAR - National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing.

N-Digital - Ninco version of Digital slot racing.

Neodymium - strongest permanent magnets available.

Noob - Newbie – recent slot convert, newly joined member of forum.

NOS - New Old Stock. Old stock that was never sold, so is in original packaging, and effectively as 'new'.

NSR - A Slot car manufacturer.


Open frame motor – non enclosed motor with working parts open to view.

OTB - Out of the Box.

Oversteer - RWD handling characteristic, where the car turns further than the driver intended.


Pacer/Pace Car – A car running on track under the control of the powerbase, not via hand controller.

PB - Powerbase, a track section which supplies power to the track.

PCB - Printed Circuit Board.

PCS32 - A make of chassis/running gear for scratchbuilt or kit bodies.

Pinion - The gear attached to the motor shaft.

PM – Personal Message.

Power taps - Wires carrying power to far end of circuit to maintain current supply.

Pro-X - Early, now obsolete Carrera version of Digital slot racing.

Proxy Race - A race where builders send off their cars around the world, where they are driven by a series other drivers in differnt locations to see which car is best.

PSU - Power Supply Unit.


R/C - Remote Control/Radio Control.

R1 R2 R3 R4 - Radius 1 to 4 Scalextric curves.

RMS - Race Management System.

Routed Track - A custom built track using a router to cut the slots into a board.

RPM - Revolutions Per Minute, the rotational speed.

RTR - Ready To Run - A ready made car not needing any work to run.

Rug Racer – Someone who uses a carpet based temporary layout for slot racing.

RWD - Rear Wheel Drive.


Scale – The dimensions of a slot car compared to the full size version:

Scalex/ Scaley – Abbreviations for Scalextric.

Scratch Build - A model made from scratch using model making skill rather than a kit.

SCX - Spanish slot car company, which uses the Scalextric brand name in the Spanish market only.

SCX-Advance - Current SCX digital slot racing sytem.

SCX-D - Obsolete SCX digital slot racing sytem.

S/F - Start/Finish.

Shelf Queen – Display car, not used for racing.

Sidewinder - A motor positioned parralel to the rear axle.

Sport – Current Scalextric Track system.

Spur Gear - gear with its teeth cut into the edge of the disc, used in anglewinder and sidewinder configurations.

SSD - Scalextric Sport Digital – Scalextric digital slot racing system.

SSW - Scalextric Sport World - obsolete Race Management System.


Tampo - A pad printing process which enables accurate commercial printing onto 3D forms.

TCR - A Slot Car manufacturer - Total Control Racing.

Thingy - performance orientated slot car bearing no relation to a real car.


UR3 - Ultimate Racer (track design software).

Understeer - Handling characteristic where the car doesn't turn as much as intended.


Vintage - Cars or parts from an earlier era in slot car history.


Wallwart - Wall socket mains plug & transformer in one.


X-Acto - Brand of craft knife.

XLC – Straight Lane Changer on a digital track.