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Boombergbaan (aka Triple B track)

I used the season holidays to create a new track, the „Boombergbaan“ aka the Triple B track. Here in my town there’s an area called the Bloomberg after which I named the track.

The previous track I had was 1,22m by 5,10m and had some fly-overs.
I was not completely happy with it, in some places it was hard to see the car. You can guess how many cars were damaged by the youngster in our neighborhood who love to come racing.

So I wanted a „flat“ track with a good visibility and using less space because it was hard to create a working space in the room, where SHMBO also has some stuff occupying space  Banghead  Also I wanted the track to be simple but yet challenging.

The track length is about 15m, it’s a digital Arc Pro setup. I used 2 pit lanes, 3 straight lane changers, one hairpin, 4 K1, 12 K2, 8 K3 and 6 K4’s. Where you see a combination of a full, a half, a quarter and a short straight (twice on the backend) these are just to simulate the extra long straight I got in my start set. I don’t have them (yet) in Ultimate Racer with which I designed the layout.

Space occupied now is 3,67m by 1,22 and the length of the L-shapes side is 1,90m.

Next is some scenery but first we had a go, the boys loved it :)

I’ll post some pictures later, for now here’s a screenshot from Ultimate Racer:

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Nice layout Henk. Thumbup

Henk any news of this track on your updates??

Would love to see them

Well, as usually life came between me and my plans, and SWMBO needed a lot of attention because of the pandemic going on. This also ment that the youngster, 5 to 9, were not allowed to visit me and play.

Scenery, although my plans are simple, didn’t happen yet.

But I changed the layout a bit. I’ve took out half of the hairpin and added a few curves. Here’s a new picture, I promise to make some photos tomorrow after I cleaned my “boys” room. There I will show where I put the Arc Pro, because it’s wireless you can put it anywhere in the track.

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Again a bit later but here are some shots I took after tidying up a bit Bigsmile

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All photos are misaligned. When I try to remove the attachments the board posts the message, is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

The Arc Pro is integrated in the layout:


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Henk. Super looking track!  Thumbup

Chuck Norris can pop a wheelie on a unicycle!  Checkeredflag

Thank heavens for Gordon!! Rofl Rofl 

Great looking track Henk - keep up the great work and keep posting Thumbup

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