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Front tyre treatment?

Don't laugh but - I've used gloss black Humbrol Enamel on the tread surface of one pair of front tyres and it seems to be working really well. 

Initially it was just an experiment as an alternative to superglue, nail polish, varnish and various other ideas I've read about. I did wonder if it would dry properly or remain sticky but it's dried smooth, shiny and rock hard - but not noisy on the track, which was surprising.

I'm now thinking of doing a few other cars as a quick and cheap alternative to 'no grip' tyres, particularly where the correct size isn't available anyway - and without all the noxious fumes from Superglue or nail polish.

Any thoughts as to why NOT to?
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If it's not having any adverse effects on the tyres themselves, I'd say to go for it !

Doesn't seem to.

I have several second hand racers that have had the fronts treated in some way and most are in poor condition, looking like snakes shedding their skin.

Will probably be fine, anything shiny that will adhere to tyres should work. All treatments will wear out eventually though. I don't have a problem with the smell of nail varnish and it lasts a very long time before needing to be reapplied. Don't see the point in buying zero grip tyres as stock ones are easy to treat for virtually no cost. Most Scalextric tyres don't even need treatment as they have zero grip in the first place.

Quote:Most Scalextric tyres don't even need treatment as they have zero grip in the first place.


Black nail varnish seems the best to me. Very trendy too if you are a goth.

Superglue never seems to go on evenly enough as it goes off too soon.

The nail varnish seems to last for ages but then I'm only using the cars at home most of the time. My serious racers all have independent front wheels anyway so not so important.
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(Yesterday, 09:05 AM)CMOTD Wrote:  ...Most Scalextric tyres don't even need treatment as they have zero grip in the first place.

Especially those that are 20+ years old  Thumbup

Are we knocking Scalextric again?  Just like the other forum.

Of course 20 year old tyres have no grip - that applies to many brands not just Scalextric.

Yes Scalextric have produced some awful tyres in the past - as have AutoArt, Team Slot, SCX, Ninco etc.

But for the last 5 years or so Scalextric tyres, glued, trued and treated with a little 3-in-one oil are extremely good on Scalextric Sport track. By all means criticise their past efforts but actually now their tyres are pretty good. Trucks, Bentleys, BTCC - all grippy and fast.

[i]Slot cars are not life and death.  They are so much more than that[/i]  Cool

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