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Rally Cars Slotting Proxy - Official Results & Reports


Welcome to the new Results page, a great job done by our Slotracer online admininstrator JasonB

The results can be entered by Stage as the results are posted by the hosts, which means that as this is a "live" system, things might look a little odd until each Round has been completed and all the results have been added.

Please do not add your own personal results tables to the comments or threads.

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Wavegreen Good Morning

yes the new live google spreadsheet has been launched which makes my life a whole lot easier.

So the Results at the half way stage 
Pitlane Review (Rounds 1-5)
Generally the Round at Wye Valley Club appeared in the main less problematic then on the "set up plastic tracks" with guide blade depth being less of a problem for most of the cars. The Camel stage was as expected a bit of a mammoth hill to climb for some cars whereas only a couple of cars suffered on the " Quarry" probably due to their longer wheelbase or width.

Monte Carlo
1st Place                         2nd Place                             3rd Place
ManxAndy                       Manx Kev                             RoadRunners
 Jaguar XK120                 Jaguar XK120                        Jaguar XK120

Well there are some gaps beginning to emerge, with Manx Andy's Jaguar breaking further ahead of his Club mates, and the RoadRunners Jaguar keeping up with Kevs car. Green Star Racing's Austin Healey more erratic behaving car had a great run on the Camel stage, it seems to have its moments but perhaps not enough consistency. At the back of the field there is close running between Lifeboats Racing -Ford Cortina and Novissime Iterum's Landcrab. And perhaps the Gran Turismo of Groundhogs can make an effort to gain some "Ground" in the next Rounds.

Rally B Cars
1st Place                        2nd Place                        3rd Place
Bangers Racing              Green Star Racing             Harrison's Racers 
Metro 6R4                      De Tomaso                      Lancia 037

Again the top 3 cars maintaining their relative positions within the Event, the BMW M1 of Savage GT seems to finding its feet again on the Quarry stage but struggled on the Camel. The De Tomaso of Green Star Racing not quite liking either on this round, whereas the Lancia 037 of Harrison's Racers ran particularly well on the Camel Stage.

Rally Legends
1st Place                         2nd Place                        3rd Place
RoadRunners                   Savage GT                        BARacer
Fiat 131 Abarth                Porsche 914/6                   Triumph TR7

Well eventually it was we was always going to find a Round dominated by the Porsche 914/6's, and this was it. Although one would have to say that the in fighting of the Porsche's for podium positions was a sure sign that there is no dominant formula there for our Rally tracks, which might give me hope that the little RoadRunners Fiat 131could actually have have the upper hand.... we will have to see.

WRC Modern
1st Place                                        2nd Place                       3rd Place
Woodcote  Racing                           Ruscillo Racing               Bangers Racing
Subaru                                           Citroen C4                       Citroen Saxo

Well this Event is much closely contested then the others perhaps, with all 3 positions changing depending on the preferences at each stage. Certainly less than a paper width between the times  Bigsmile

Class A ( Standard RTR cars)
1st Place                                     2nd Place                           3rd Place
Scott Sports                                Harrison's Racers                  Team Alaric
Renault Clio                                 Lancia 037                           Subaru

Looking comfortably ahead at the moment the Renault Clio of Scott Sports has a head start on the others, but it is closely run battle between the Lancia 037 and the Subaru.

Class B (Modified & Scratchbuild Cars)
1st Place                                       2nd Place                           3rd Place
RoadRunners                                 Woodcote Racing                 Ruscillo Racing
Fiat 13 Abarth                                Subaru                                Citroen C4

All these leading cars have closed up rapidly in the last Round and we could be in for some changes especially as the Citroen Saxo of Bangers Racing seems to be a charge now.

Class C (Procars)
1st Place                                      2nd Place                               3rd Place
Savage GT                                     ManxAndy                             Green Star Racing
Porsche 914/6                                Jaguar XK120                         De Tomaso

In theory the Porsche 914/6 of Savage GT looks way ahead, but the Jaguar XK120 of ManxAndy seems to be on a charge and the De Tomaso could still be in the mix, additionally we have the rest of the hungry Porsche 914/6's getting back onto the Stage podiums.
So what next I think....

Team Placings
After a really great run by both the Bangers Racing Cars, they have stepped ahead of the RoadRunners, who now share 2nd place with Harrison's Racers...and the Teams are very close behind  Sun

Fastest Cars of Round 10
1st Place                                       2nd Place                                    3rd Place
Bangers Racing                              Savage GT                                  RoadRunners
Citroen Saxo (157.14 sec)             Porsche 914/6 (159.72 sec)            Fiat 131 Abarth (162.57 sec)

So we take a breather for the next 2 Rounds 11 & 12 at Abergavenny Rally Club, their Stages look like they will favour the faster cars, but then you never know.

Pendle Slot Racing
George Turner Models
Truspeed Controllers
Amato Slot Car Design
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Wavegreen Good Morning

I have received the results from the Round 6 of the Rally Proxy

A couple more photos of the Stages as run on Monday night.
Stage 11

Stage 12

Monte Carlo

Rally B Cars
               No podium photo (see below)

Rally Legends

WRC Modern 

Unfortunately the Rally B Cars Podium did not represent the results and the cars have now been dispatched to the next host.
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I have updated the overall results on the new goggle based database on the leading page, I will check them using the "old" office based database, but theorectically it should all be correct  Bigsmile

I will come back later with the Pitlane Review once everything has been verified
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well almost perfect match between the new goggle database and my old office version, but a couple of gremlins to sort out tomorrow regarding Team Points

Pitlane Review Rounds 1-6
so after 6 Rounds or 12 stages we have entered the 2nd half of the competition. I fully expected this Round to be all about the faster cars winning out, but surprisingly at least to me there was still strong competition between all the car types.
Monte Carlo
Here we saw the 3 Jaguars jousting for podium positions at the top once again, and this time it was ManxKevan's to take the podium.
But overall the picture looks familiar
           1st Place                   2nd Place                        3rd Place
         ManxAndy                   ManxKevan                      RoadRunners
           Jaguar XK120             Jaguar XK120                  Jaguar XK120

With the Austin Healey of Green Star Racing in 4th. At the back of the field the Alfa Gran Turismo of Groundhogs at last able to stretch its legs on this Round and has just nipped ahead of the Landcrab of Novissime Iterum.

Rally B Cars
This was a good Round for the podium winner Savage GT with the BMW M1, with the De Tomaso of Green Star Racing in 2nd place and the Metro 6R4 in 3rd. 
Overall the status quo is maintained but there is close competition between 2nd and 3rd and perhaps even 4th going forward.
            1st Place                   2nd Place                      3rd Place
           Bangers Racing           Green Star Racing           Harrison's Racers
             Metro 6R4                 De Tomaso Pantera          Lancia 037

Rally Legends
Another reprieve for the RoadRunners Fiat 131 Abarth, a very unexpected 1st place podium in front of the two Porsche 914/6's. The overall positions remaining largely unchanged but Brumos RSR Porsche 914/6 is catching up.
            1st Place                     2nd Place                     3rd Place
            RoadRunners               Savage GT                    BARacer
            Fiat 131 Abarth            Porsche 914/6               Triumph TR7

WRC Modern
Another very close Round for the Modern Rally cars. Ruscillo Racing's Citroen C4 getting back on top but very close behind was the Citroen Saxo of Bangers racing and to complete the trio of Citroen's was a surprise appearance of the Citroen C4 of BARacer. However this means that Ruscillo Racing are back leading the Event series with Bangers Racing just getting ahead of Woodcote Racing's Subaru.
              1st Place                      2nd Place                    3rd Place
              Ruscillo Racing             Bangers Racing            Woodcote Racing
              Citroen C4                    Citroen Saxo                Subaru

In 4th Place a very close Renault Clio of Scott Sports.

Class A (Standard RTR Cars)
              1st Place                      2nd Place                     3rd Place
             Scott Sports                  Team Alaric                   Harrison's Racers
             Renault Clio                  Subaru                          Lancia 037

Team Alaric Subaru just nipped ahead of 2nd place Harrison's Racers Lancia 037. 
Class B ( Modified & Scratch builds)
               1st Place                     2nd Place                       3rd Place
               RoadRunners                Ruscillo Racing               Bangers Racing
                Fiat 131 Abarth             Citroen C4                      Citroen Saxo

Very closely contested  Class, RoadRunners just maintaining their top position, but Ruscillo Racing has displaced Woodcote and Bangers Racing have made it into 3rd place.

Class C ( Procars)
                   1st Place                    2nd Place                     3rd Place
                 Savage GT                    Manx Andy                   Green Star Racing
                 Porsche 914/6                Jaguar XK120               De Tomaso

A discrete gap between the Porsche 914/6 of Savage GT and the 2nd and 3rd places which are virtually on top of each other with ManxAndy just about ahead at this point of Green Star Racing's De Tomaso.

Team Points
1st Place -Bangers Racing have extended their lead after a great run by both their cars.
2nd Place -Road Runners just keeping position.
3rd Place - Savage GT is staging a comeback after initially leading the teams in the first Round.

So it has been another really enthralling Round of ups and downs and it is was very much appreciated that the Abergavenny Rally Slot Car Club gave up some of their time to run this Round for us  Thumbup

I see the cars have already reached Paul at Wrexham for the next two Rounds 13 & 14, who I am sure will be along soon to show us the great Denbigh Slot Car Club Rally Cross track he will use along with his own home based Policar Track

Pendle Slot Racing
George Turner Models
Truspeed Controllers
Amato Slot Car Design.
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We have resolved the issue regarding the errors in the "Team Points" on the leading page "google based database" and now I can declare that I have every confidence that the new Results system is working......but does that mean I can delete my old Office based databased....umm, maybe keep it a little longer  Rofl
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Wavegreen Good Morning,

well I did say the 13th Stage would be lucky for some......and visa versa  Rofl And it certainly was.

Here are a few photos taken yesterday


Paul will be along later with the results of the Stage and perhaps some video footage.
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Good Morning,

Unfortunately the Results posted above were for Event 4 along with the podium for Event 1
as I suspect Paul is busy running the Stage 14, so I will correct his posting above for him  Bigsmile


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