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2022 GT3 Proxy Race #8

Gentlemen the cars are at Luckston Raceway.  Here is the track owner Lez's commentary.

Gents qualifying for round 8 is complete.
I ran the cars in reverse order of the points, bottom to top.
Checked all cars over and they all checked good.
I did notice on the #33 car that there is a small groove in the left rear tyre.
I glued cars #5 and #79 wings back on.
I qualified the cars in the yellow lane(middle) at 11volts for 15 laps each


1) #10 CGracer :4.731.Wow glued, beauty.
2)#100 PK_CZ :4.767.Great drive, touch loose.
3)#54 Lez. :4.787.touch loose.
4)#60 Loan Shark:4.788.Beauty,great drive.
5)#64 Audi1. :4.820.smooth/quiet, easy drive.
6)#2 CourtneyS. :4.834.Quiet/smooth,easy drive.
7)#33 Brumos RSR:4.848.Good speed, little loose.
8)#4 Aloha. :4.855.Smooth/quiet, touch loose.
9)#93 DFRacing :4.860.Smooth/quiet, great drive.
10)#5 Redlynr. :4.864.Great drive, little loose.
11)#31 GSNOPOINT:4.869.Good speed,loose.
12)#101 JMS. :4.891.Good speed, little loose.
13)#13 Modernslots:4.896.Smooth, easy drive.
14)#79 Jimmyslots:4.905.Nice drive,little loose.
15)#88 Ragtopman:4.913.Quiet/smooth.little loose
16)#7 F1Fan. :4.920.Smooth/quick little loose
17)#200 Camber. :4.921.Nice drive, little loose
18)#9 SuperSlab. :4.957. Loose easy drive
19)#48 Rleog. :4.964.Quick/smooth, loose
20)#3 FastCo. :4.973.Jumps out of slot really easy from standing position.Smooth, little loose
21)#70 Smokeio. :4.976.Noisy,loose
22)#99 Big Duhg. :4.984.Good speed,loose
23)#46 Leadfoot. :4.997.Good all round, seems down on speed.
24)#188 Steeveew :5.023.Loose, smooth, loose
25)#2 Slotracer Hawaii:5.105.Smooth,loose
26)#63 ArroldN. :5.222.Smooth,loose
27)#23 OXO. :5.224. Smooth,loose

Congrats to CGracer and PK_CZ on top qualifiers.

Brumos I checked your car, looking in the wheel well with a flashlight and can’t see anything that is touching your tyre, maybe it happened earlier in the series.
The wheels turn freely.
We are a go for racing on Saturday, thanks to the guys here that are willing to come in on their weekend.
Good luck to everyone and thanks for letting me play with these awesome builds.
Photo of our 3 top qualifiers

[Image: 899-D3-A8-A-E1-D2-42-EF-A1-CA-422524-A81...VLZBIexoQ%24]

[Image: 9-EFCF0-B1-2835-4-E23-958-C-1-EA1-F879-C...VIVx86-1g%24]

[Image: E3-E2654-C-EDC7-4-C2-A-8883-0-B352-B22-B...VI0-3k0Fg%24]

[Image: 7-E834-DBC-EAF3-40-D2-9-BEB-D57-E17-FFBF...VLrGT2Pyw%24]

[Image: 46-FA0482-355-C-4877-A654-73-AC87-FEAF1-...VJfJ2iajA%24]

[Image: 0475-A9-D9-F7-FA-4-FBF-BD2-D-C8-BE2-DAD0...VLms0qtqQ%24]

[Image: 01727209-83-EB-4720-8-C29-8-EFC4-F94-F88...VIv8NCLcQ%24]
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Here is the final results after race #8 at Luckston raceway. Some cars did not race as well as they qualified, Loanshark comes to mind there. Some guys moved up, Rleog's car was a great example, it was smooth and had great traction. Smokeio's car continues with noise for some reason and is a little loose, scratching my head on that one. Aloha's car remained consistent as it has been the last several races.

The two Czechia cars of JMS and PK CZ were very fast and had fantastic traction both finishing on the podium. PK CZ had the fastest lap over the Cgyracer car by a fraction.

Like I mentioned before all four tires were cleaned very well before each heat, some cars definitely had more debris than others. There were hardly any offs, Radarek or maybe it was Loanshark mentioned how bored the marshals are. With no center lane car it really made it easy to navigate and race your own race.

Thanks Lez for hosting and to the crew of volunteers Loanshark, Leadfoot, Radarek, and Henning.

[Image: ECC3040-A-9-EDC-4-CA6-9-A90-FB538036-BCA...WTHMBFqKQ%24]
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Event pictures and the podium  .

[Image: 9-E8-B3136-30-E9-42-FA-A4-DD-DED38364733...xIbLMeaaw%24]

[Image: 6-B1-FB7-EE-C4-B2-4720-857-E-10725-DC105...WT6ZsbTGw%24]

[Image: D55-EE2-CE-6-EF2-4887-9968-A3-C533-FDA5-...WQ4e4gETw%24]

[Image: 438495-FC-9-DA2-451-A-95-A6-EACC02734-C4...WRC_YSLWg%24]
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Wish I was there! 

Here's hoping for next year..

I love puttering with gears

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