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Recommendations for American Muscle/Nascar please

It's the one class I don't have an even 'satisfactory' let alone competitive car for.

1/32 magless with max 20k motor on Scalextric Sport track. 

Likely to be buying used unless the new price is 'reasonable'.


I think I read that the Monte Carlo is difficult to beat on the track.

I love puttering with gears

Depends how you define American muscle, it's much easier if you restrict to a certain era i.e. 50's/60's hard top.  When we had an A.M. class we had people racing modern open top sports cars because 'it's got a big motor and it's a muscle car isn't it?'

Likewise NASCAR, what era? again 50's/60's is best otherwise you end up with a grid half full of jelly moulds.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

In most of the proxy series for "Muscle/Trans Am" cars over the years the Scaley 70' Camaro occupies the top several positions,....similarly it is the car of choice for most club racers running in these classes.
If in fact, you are talking "Nascar" specifically, the choice is less obvious with both Scaley Gen1 and COT cars performing equally well, although the sidewinder versions are generally favoured.

Chris Walker

Yes, it's too open really. Corvette, a Muscle Car? Not in my book.

Nascar - I'd like pre-'70's myself but again, wide open.

Carrera make some great Nascars but too heavy to really compete with late model Ford/GM lightweight Scalextric.

I guess it might have to be their Monte Carlo then. I have one, somewhere ....

The problem is there's no definitive definition of US Muscle car.  Mustangs and Camaros strictly speaking are 'pony' cars not muscle cars.  We had endless arguments, the intent of a class like this is good but the only way to nail it down is to a certain era and body types.  Have a minimum car length for example, that'll keep out the sports car types.

Life is like a box of Slot cars... Cool Drinkingcheers

So what are the tips to get the cars performing if I take a Monte Carlo for Nascar and '70 Camaro for the Muscle?

(5th-Aug-22, 03:10 PM)Top Down Wrote:  So what are the tips to get the cars performing if I take a Monte Carlo for Nascar and '70 Camaro for the Muscle?

From blueprinting the stock car, to replacing all the bits, fast do you want to go, and more importantly, what are the class/club rules on mods.

Chris Walker


These are all cars I've raced that might fit into your class - all of them pretty stock, non-mag and raced on Sport track.

They are all fun to drive, but nothing matches the Carrera Torino for pure joy. It was a regular in our pairs racing at WHO/digital - and everyone I teamed up with had a broad grin on their face after their stint. I'm pretty sure it never won a race, but it was a top-3 car if driven well. It has Paul Gage 'thanes and some extra weight down low.

The other two Nascars are big and fun. The 20-year-old Pontiac has an inline S-Can and - with the Taurus of the same era - is a cornerstone of our digital racing. Urethanes, a bit of weight and a guide change gives you the potential of a tasty race car that you can really enjoy. The latest Monte Carlo and Thunderbird are good fun too - each having different characteristics, with the Monte more like the 'old' inline Nascars, the T-bird a bit tippy.

We've had pretty much all the Scalextric Trans-Am cars racing at WHO. The '70 Camaro is probably the best, although the '69 model has been a regular in victory lane (including the one pictured) - as has the Javelin, Pioneer '68 Camaro and the Ford BOSS Mustang. The Dodge Challenger and Mercury Cougar don't quite cut the mustard. The Javelin is inline and doesn't feel like a muscle car - it was an error and Scalextric are committed to producing all future Trans-Ams as sidewinders with full interiors.

If you want a sure-fire winner, check if you can run the new-ish IROC-Z Camaro available in red, blue and Duracell liveries. I've seen the red and blue ones new for £30.
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Camaros race tuned

I don't own any nascar 


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