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Caterham tyre recommendations please?

Got some really nice used Scalextric Caterhams and apart from having to change one pinion, even though I could see nothing wrong with it using magnifying glasses, they're great - apart from one.

The rears on that offer no traction whatsover, which seems to be down to perished? hardness rather than the original compound, as the others are ok.

I could swap  the rears with the fronts but I'd like to do away with the magnet really, so can anyone recommend replacements please? 

I have seen elsewhere that they are an odd size?

Thanks for any help offered.

I cast urethane tyres for Scalextric Catherham if interested but i am away from home and cannot deliver before february 24
[Image: s-l1600.jpg]

Urethane or silicone? Oops, it says it in the text.

At home it doesn't matter but Urethane only at the club.

Nice to see the original tread retained though.

WaspSlot 01R treaded or 01 slick.

Uh-oh. A choice!

Sorry Alexis. I think I'll have to support the UK 'cottage industry'.

Just got to make a decision. The look of the originals, or go for slicks?

Hello Alexis,
That green car is a Lotus 7 and the wheels are different from the Caterham. Are your tyres for the Lotus? (Caterhams have minilte style wheels that are wider and smaller diameter).  I am interested in Lotus 7 type.


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If you're not averse to using silicone tyres, you can use Indy Grips IG1006. They fit perfectly on the stock Minilite rims.

Thanks for that.

For HO racing, where any single compound tyre was allowed, I much preferred silicone. (Stock rubber, silicone and urethane could all play nicely together as it was 'extreme' mag' racing.) Couldn't get Urethanes to perform at all well myself, although I know some preferred them.

However, in magless 1/32 racing they don't mix well, apparently.

I haven't had the opportunity to try silicones where I race as their rules exclude them. Stock tyres, or urethanes. Both can be glued and trued and I respect that rule.

It's one more tuning challenge 'to get to grips with'.  Bigsmile

Oh - and the Caterham tyres are not such an odd size after all, looking at the fitment chart WASP provides. (Thanks for pointing me at those Brian.)

I was just going by a post I'd read elsewhere that mentioned the difficulty in obtaining tyres for them.

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