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Deville Speed Park, Proxy Drag Racing US

I am planning on Proxy Drag Racing in the US at Deville Speed Park. Organized via Facebook:

Classes to be raced:


Deville Speed Park will kick off the 2022 Summer Shoot Out.
All proxy racers are invited to enter this event.

Registration is Now Open for the Deville Speed Park Shootout!!! Racing will start June 26th Weekend, so all cars need to be here No Later Than June 24th!

3 classes, Magnatraction Muscle Cars, Inline Brass Jets, and 4 Gear Stock Drag Cars. 32 car maximum in each class.
All cars must have hard bodies, Custom resin casted and painted bodies are allowed.
All bodies must be drag racing type, Pro Stock, Legends F/C or street muscle cars. No rail dragsters or Top Fuel Funny Cars.
No sports type or road race bodies.

No Charge To Enter, Donations are welcome.
Entrants are responsible for return shipping.
32 Spots are open for each class!
Drivers can enter up to 3 cars per class.
Return postage should be included with your cars or
Dave Deville De can accept your payment through PayPal f&f.
Message Dave Deville for payment info.

We will do 8 weeks of Racing
16 Rounds for each class
8 Rounds on the Street (Tomy)
8 Rounds on the Track (Bowman)
Both Tracks are True Quarter Mile Dragways! We have the "Street" which is a Tomy Dragstrip with Dynamic Braking in the Shutdown, and The "Track" is a Bowman Routed Dragway. All Classes will compete on Both!

Cars will launch on a switch together, 1st to the line will win!
When we are ready to race, I'll tag all racers in the Class we are running, and all finishes will be posted in the comments.
We will do 32 car Double Elimination series.

Heres the rules for all 3 classes:

Magnatraction Muscle Cars:
Magnatraction or Xtraction Chassis
Level 7 HCS (Harden Creek) Magnets or we are now allowing the Dash Level 6 magnets.
Mean Green arms, either green/green or green/gold. We are now allowing the Dash 5.5 ohm arm and can consider the tfx 5.5 ohm arm as well. 
Stock Cluster and Crown Gears
Slip on Rear Tires, any brand, any hubs, and axles
American muscle car or funny car body
Wheelie bars are optional 
Front weights are Optional 
Open Front tires 
Pick up shoes, no braids
Must use electrical tape between shoes and magnets to prevent shorts
Complete body w/ glass, but can be trimmed for weight loss
Magnets can be shimmed
Any brushes you prefer.

Inline Brass Drag Cars:
Viper, BSRT, and Wizard Fusion Chassis
6 Ohm "Stock" arms, no lower than 5.5 ohms. No Balanced Arms!
C4 or Level 4 Motor Magnets 
7/23 Gears from any manufacturer, preferably hardened gears, no metal!
Slip on rear tires, no Foam Silicone tires!
Any Hard Body w/ any clip.
No Modifying the Chassis 
No Braids!
Any Front tires, weighted fronts optional.
Glue Dots can be used to hold bodies.
20 Gram Minimum Total Car Weight!
Any Brass Weight Kit, must have weights on front and rear!
Silver Electrical Components Allowed, shoes, springs, hangers, endbell...
No Ball Bearings!!!

Stock 4 Gears:
Stock Autoworld 4 Gear Chassis
You can cut body mounts to fit customs and older Aurora Bodies
Any 4 Gear bodies or Resins
No Top Fuel Funny Cars or Dragsters!
Only stock Auto World 4 gear 16 ohm armatures may be used.
Rims and Tires and axles can be swapped. Pro Track wheels can be used.
21 grams minimum total car weight. 

As I'm still on the road testing will start end of the coming week with a late entry of my cars.

Anyone intrested please let me know!

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Chassis #1

XTraction 5.5 Ohm
No time for a re-paint this time


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Weapon of choice for the Stock 4gear class


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Nice car, Nico. Planning on doing some dusting with the Duster?   Checkeredflag

I would jump into more proxies. But health issues had me back out of 2-existing races already.

Best of luck!  Thumbup
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Thank you so much Ken!

Quick recovery and looking out for our next races!!!!!!!

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Change of plans, new car finished today. The Hot Wheels will be my car, the Black Damon will start for HORNET  SILICONE  TIRES  for  H0  Scale , Mr. Axel Kuhn

So finaly 2 cars for the 4gear Stock class and 1 car for the Magnatraction Muscle Car from Europe


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Nice cars Nico. Good luck in the races  Thumbup
Ken I hope you get back racing very soon and keep a watch on the Brighton race I may even get a car to finish better than last Rofl.
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Starting 26th of June 2022

FB link with full reports: Deville Speed Park

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First race :

Here is your winner of Round 1 in The Stock 4 Gears on The Track for The 2022 International Summer Shootout, Nicolas Karres and His Mongoose out of 32 cars!!! Congratulations on your win!!


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