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6th May 2022 - Sports GT Round 2

I was hoping to attend, but a busy Friday meant I had to give it a miss :/

Race report from Andy, Thanks again.  Cool

There was a good turnout for this fastest class of car that we race; with near enough unlimited modifications aloud drivers pushed their cars to the limit to set blistering lap times. With having 4 weeks off since the last race everyone came along with something to prove.  There was a good turnout of 14 drivers and it was good to see Elijah and Evie turn up and mix it with the ‘senior’ regulars.   The heats proved to be frantic as drivers got used to the fast cars; Jason did well with a borrowed Toyota GT One although he did try to make his car fly after a slightly over enthusiastic start in one of his final heat races.  It was good to see so many youngsters racing against each other through the heats gaining knowledge and skills.  It was a shame that a few of the younger drivers had to leave after the heats as they were all doing so well.
After the positions had been worked out had been worked out for the driver that left it was Elijah in 14th Evie in 13th Jason in 12th Bobbie in 11th and Jake in 10th.  For the remaining drivers it was onto the finals.  

 C final was Paul in green, Tony in blue and Tom in red.  Tony and Paul got off to a good start with Tony’s Porsche quicker on the straights but Paul managing to catch up in the twisty parts. Tom was struggling with a bit of pace at the back and in trying to push to catch up he had a couple of offs.  In the end Paul finished ahead of Tony and Tom came in 3rd.   

B final, Terry in green, Paul in blue, Andy in red and Dave in yellow.  This was tight off the line with everyone getting a good start and there was not much to choose between the racers for the first lap, Terry Andy and Dave started to pull away from Paul but an issue with Andy’s car meant that a minor correction to the brades had to be made and put Andy at the back of the grid. Things were still close at the front with a good battle going on between Dave and Terry.  Paul was putting in contestant lap times to maintain his position and Andy was pushing to try and make up the time that he had lost. At the line it was Terry in 1st Dave 2nd Paul 3rd and Andy 4th

Main Final. James in green, Ken in blue, Terry red and Heather in yellow.  As always this was a good clean race with little for the marshals to do, other than admire the fastest drivers pushing hard.  There were good battles between Heather and Ken for 2nd and 3rd at the start of the race with Terry fighting hard to stay on the tail, James was his usual fast self at the front making his consistent fast laps look effortless, and at times he looked like he was watching the other drivers!! At the end of the race James finished 1st with ½ a lap lead over Heather Ken was in 3rd and Terry came in 4th.

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