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Info 2022 Trans Am Under 2.5 L Proxy rules coming soon.

Good day everyone.

This a list of broadstrokes changes to the existing rules. 
As the new race director for this proxy, I'd like to extend a welcome to all of you here at Slotracer Online. I really hope to see many new entries from outside North America.

I'm new to this role, but my plan is to stick around in this role for a few proxies (years). I'm not new to racing, as I've done my share of road racing, hillclimbing, autocross and organizing race events for almost 4 decades, however I've only been involved with slot cars for about 3yrs. I'm looking forward to creating a fun, DIVERSE proxy.

I'm very much a fan of the notion that few rules makes for interesting racing. However be aware the few rules that are there, will be non-negotiable.

I'm not a fan of is everyone running the same make of car and seeing a parade of, for example 914/6's, filling up the top of the leader board. I want to see multiple cars filling up those top spots. If during the course of this season's events a clear over achiever shows up with multiple same cars filling the top spots, you will need to assume it will become a non starter the following season.

I hope to have the full and complete rules in place and posted here by Feb 1st, with a delivery deadline in Lake Country, BC, Canada likely set for July 1st.

Registrations & entertaining requests for car numbers to be held are not open until registration starts. At that time car numbers are held for those who are either:
- 1st prior HRW Trans Am U2.5 L entrants from 2020, #'s will be held for 1 month from registration opening day.
- 2nd prior HRW Trans Am O2 entrants from 2021, #'s will be held for 1 month from registration opening day.
After this time all unclaimed numbers will be available.

Here are the basics on several important rules. The broadstrokes are as follows:
- Certain dominant over achievers not be allowed to enter for example the 914/6. I will scour the U2 history to see if there is another one.
- Only untreated rubber tires of your choice will be allowed.
- Motors will be open. No size, or typical configuration (sw, aw or inline) limits. Rubber tire fitment on a maximum 15x8.5mm wheel will dictate what will work.
- 3D printed bodies will be allowed. However if the body is readily available as a RTR car from a slot car manufacturer, I highly recommend using those as opposed to 3D printing something. Any 3D body entered must provide in advance all detailed 1:1 dimensions and the appropriate 1:32 scale dimensions. Appropriate online links will be required including photos of actual cars, plus all dimensions printed on paper and shipped to be included with the cars. They will be measured. The burden of proof will be on the entrants to prove their car is legal to race in this proxy and that it will pass the technical inspection.
- The HRW previously published Trans Am 2020 TA U2.5 car entry list from 1966 up to 1976 will be used as a base list. There will be a few additions and at least one deletion. I can always make changes next time if it is deemed appropriate. See that list here:

- All cars must meet a minimum 1mm clearance under all parts of the car during tech inspection, except tires and guide. No exceptions. During events no part of the car may contact the track other than the guide and tires. NO exceptions. If a track contact situation comes up during an event the host will contact me and it will dealt with by me as needed.
- Fully painted and decaled cars will be required, simulating any livery or race team, actual or fictional, with a minimum 2 decals, which could alternately be racing stipes or secondary colored body parts... think 2 tone paint. No single colored, unsponsored cars allowed.

Thank you to all who have come before me to make this possible, as well to those who have counseled me to this point. Your experience is invaluable to me.

All of these changes are to hopefully encourage more entrants to try something different.

It you'd like more information on this proxy historically or currently you can find more at:

Thank you to everyone for your support to this point and I hope those of you who commit to this series will enjoy it.
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I am really looking forward to this and will definitely be entering. Hoping to have a couple of potential builds underway soon
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I was going to wait to see if there were any spare places left before committing.

In the meantime, there is plenty to think about and decipher with regards suitability of cars to enter.

I love puttering with gears
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ok i have decided .... one of four/five cars hehehehe
time to whittle down my choices
there's still a few weeks before i have to make my choice ... thank goodness Bigsmile

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