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Triple Crown - American Road Race Slot Car Proxy Tour

Wavegreen A very Happy New Year to you all !

As you see I have started the year with a new Thread for the first Round of the Series.

I am sending the proposed "Tour of England, Wales & Scotland" schedule plan to the hosts in order to firm up the dates.

I have attached the rules and entrants list again on this thread.

The costs of the inter- host transport has gone up a little (as I anticipated ) and we are planning to involve 10 host's (instead of the 6 previously) over a 2 month period.
So I have set the Entry fee as £15 to cover the basic inter host and return postal costs and winners medals for this series.

I will publish the schedule as soon as the hosts have confirmed.

Further details in regards to the associated remaining (open wheel and Le Mans Cars Plus) series will be posted on the earlier Triple Crown Thread.

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.pdf 2022 Road Race Rules v5.pdf Size: 158.15 KB  Downloads: 158
.pdf American Trophy -Entry List update 4b.pdf Size: 43.53 KB  Downloads: 69
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Wavegreen Hi,

We have a provisional American Road Race schedule agreed, of course could be subject to change depending on circumstances nearer to the time.


There are a few new Hosts involved this year along with our regulars, I wish them all good luck with the series.
We have a great mixture of different track surfaces and both home based and club based circuit participation.

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.pdf Triple Crown -Road Race Host schedule v2.pdf Size: 16.49 KB  Downloads: 57
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Wavegreen Good morning

American Road Race FINAL REGISTRATION DATE 28th February 2022.

In order to participate I will ask all those who have registered their interest in the Road Race to send me a confirmation email with their, car entry, Return address details and payment via Paypal to me before this cut off date please, or for those who don't already have my email address send me a pm and I will provide it.

To avoid Scrutineering Issues before the series begins, please include the entry car minimum details of the cars construction compliance in regard to the Class rules (motor type (rpm), gearing used, wheel widths, guide type, track clearance, etc). Additional details of motor orientation or Tyre type etc are welcomed but voluntary. Photos of the model with and without the assembled body would be useful.
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Wavegreen Good Morning,

Only 6 weeks left to get your entries in.

This is the current expected running lists


Only 5 places (10 cars) left to fill.
We have a very diverse range of cars to run across the 4 classes. 
Should provide great entertainment over April and May.

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.pdf American Trophy -Entry List update 5b.pdf Size: 44.13 KB  Downloads: 53

Wavegreen Good Morning

A team class change over the last week, this leaves Class A with just one place left.
A reminder that after the 28th February all class places are fixed.


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.pdf American Trophy -Entry List update 6b.pdf Size: 44.24 KB  Downloads: 40
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Wavegreen Good Morning,

i would like to welcome "ALS Racing" to the entrants list of teams.

This gives us in theory 16 teams and 32 cars running, but all the potential entrants are reminded that by the Official Registration date 28th February I will need to have the entrants fees paid. After this date I will announce the final Entrants list and the details of the cars which they will be entering. 

We could still accommodate another 4 Teams of up to 2 cars each.

Here is the running list to date


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.pdf American Trophy -Entry List update 7b.pdf Size: 44.15 KB  Downloads: 46
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Wavegreen Good Morning,

As it's getting ever closer,

just a gentle reminder that the 28th February is the Final Registration & Payment date for the American Road Race.
Cars to have arrived at the first stage (me) by the 25th March and no later please.

The entry list is unchanged, so I am expecting that those who have confirmed their intention to participate are the final running list.

I will release details of the entry cars when I have received them hopefully by the end of this month.
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Wavegreen Good Morning,

Many thanks to those entrants who have sent me their Registration and payments in advance.
Below is the current listing of fully registered entrants for the American Road Race.
Hopefully the remaining entrants will register by the 28th February please.
Cars to be received by the 25th March.

Please note that all cars should have the entrants name clearly marked underneath each of their cars, and include your return address details either outside or inside the boxes sent to me, to make them easily identifiable when I come to return them in due course.

I will begin the scrutineering and a short road test after the Registration date on the 25th February in order to address any concerns.

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.pdf American Trophy -Entry List update 10.pdf Size: 43.14 KB  Downloads: 43
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Wavegreen pleased to see we have a substantial number of further Registrations worthy of a further update below.


Hopefully we will receive the final entrants registrations by Monday  Thumbup

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.pdf American Trophy -Entry List update 11.pdf Size: 44.1 KB  Downloads: 36
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Wavegreen Good morning,

we have now our final list of American Road Race Contenders as below


So we have 15 teams running 30 cars over 4 classes

There is a great range of cars running, although there seems to be  a strong presence of Camaro's in the Classic Trans Am class.
 I guess that might have been expected, however the Camaro's construction is quite varied for each team which should be interesting to see who has the upper hand.  And hopefully the other 3 entries in this class will give the Camaro's a run.

I will be starting a new thread in regards to the Summer Grand Prix for single seater cars which I hope will take place in July.

I will generate a scrutineering report when all the cars have been received and checked, but I am very grateful to all the entrants who have provided me with photos of the cars in advance so that I could check for any obvious issues before they are dispatched.
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