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SCX controller

Evening  Wavegreen

I have one of the SCX Rally Chrono sets, plus lots of the Super sliding  curves. Great fun, and different.
I normally use an SCX controller,  which is hopeless ? Flat out or nothing.....   I purchased an adaptor from Pendle slot racing which allows me to use a DS controller, WOW, such a difference. 

On Saturday at our Annual Club Champs the 4 DS controllers were being used on the routed circuit,  so the Rally stage got the crappy SCX controller.   

Basic question is....  Can a standard Scalextric controller be wired to work on the SCX Chrono set.
If so is there a connector available anywhere to purchase,  or would cutting the SCX connector of the controller and fitting to the Scalextric controller be possible. 

Yes, I could purchase another DS controller,  but have lots of Scalextric ones doing nothing.

Any help or advice great fully appreciated. 

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What I’ve done for my SCX rally stage is take the cable out of an SCX controller - keeping the SCX plug on one end and wiring the rings on the controller end to a 3 pin box like this one:

The SCX cable means only a two wire hook-up with no brake circuit, so fairly easy. But means you can use any controller fitted with a 3-pin plug. Always best to remember which ring came off the trigger and which came off the full power end of the resistor, so you can wire to the appropriate terminal in the box.

An even easier alternative is simply to disassemble the SCX controller, remove the complete cable (with the rings) and use it to replace the cable in any resistor controller - Scalextric, Ninco, Parma, DS etc.

I’ll post some pics tomorrow if I remember.
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Thank you Woodcote  Thumbup

I was sure somebody would have already done something similar. 

I hadn't thought of stripping the complete wiring, rings included, and re fitting into a different brand of controller. Will give this a go first. Electrical problem solving isn't my strong point  Banghead
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I think that route is the easiest.

Is the Rally Chrono a two-pin controller socket or three? The two-pin is easy and it doesn't really matter with a resistor controller if you get the wires round the wrong way (trigger & full power). If it's three-pin, make sure you take a picture of the disassembled controllers (donor and recipient) before removing the wires - then you know which to swap. That'll give you a brake circuit, which was only added to the later SCX powerbases.

Good luck Thumbup
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Hello Gpa,

The controller connector on the Chrono unit can accept a three-wire controller, such as the SCX "Pro" controller that has a contact for dynamic braking.  So wiring in a Scalextric Sport controller is do-able, although I have never actually done such.  I think the only way to get a "plug and play" three-wire connector is to buy an SCX controller so wiring straight to the back of the connector will be the quickest way. 
If you can wait a few days, I will do a test with a faulty unit that I have.

Just realised that there is an error on my wiring photograph - standby!


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The chrono Rally is a 3 pin controller socket Andy. Will take pictures,  good idea.

Definitely not in any rush, so quite happy to wait Leo. 

Thank you both for your help  Thumbup

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Well my original photograph was correct, just not clearly identified so below is a better version. 
The right rail is fed with the Positive voltage supply and the left rail is fed via the controlled Negative supply. 
If you do not want dynamic braking then just using the two wire connections as Andy mentioned is the way to go.
I just refreshed my memory by checking a thread on the old Forum which reached a succesfull conclusion. As mentioned I will do a trial in the next couple of days and feed back here.

I have to say that the electronics for these units are a bit fragile so any modification needs a bit of care and carries a risk element of killing the unit, so its at your own risk...

The old thread suggests disconnecting the power feed from the Chrono unit and simply using a standard Scalextric powerbase (or the wiring from it) and that makes sense in some respects.  The Chrono unit only provides power to the rails when the timing is running so as to provide a "cold start" thereby preventing any jump starts. That feature can be annoying so worth thinking about.


Linky to the old place


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Well, this worked fairly easily :-) 
I used a Scalextric Sport controller. These have three-wire connectivity that includes a dynamic braking connection. My "lash-up" used a section of screw-tag connector block to join the three wires to an existing two-wire SCX controller connector and a "croc-clip".  The two-wire SCX connector plugs in as normal and the croc-clip goes on to the third pin. The braking effect works as expected.
If you only have a two-wire controller then obviously the third wire can be ignored. 

Wiring diagram is underneath, I believe that the colours are the standard for Scalextric Sport 3 wire controllers. Don't know about the two-wire versions but it is reasonably safe to wire those either way round.   

Disclaimer - I am simply showing what worked for me. Other solutions are possible. The electronics of the Chrono unit are fragile and not intended for user-servicing. It is vital to avoid mis-connecting and/or short-circuiting the wiring of the unit.



School Of YouTube Video

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Wow, wasn't expecting that  Rofl

Thank you Leo, now I see why you are the Chief Engineer  Thumbup

Many thanks to both yourself and Woodcote for the help and advice. 
I definitely feel more likely to get it right, and less likely to now have a disaster......

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(24th-Nov-21, 07:21 PM)Gpa113 Wrote:  Thank you Leo, now I see why you are the Chief Engineer  Thumbup

i 2nd that , definitely the man in the know  Yes

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