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UK HO Drag Proxy Series 2021-22 - Race #4 November 2021


Apologies... this thread is later than planned. We are less than two weeks away from fourth event of our 2021-2 series. This one is an NHRA-themed event on Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 November. All the dates, regulations and format are in the 'UK HO Drag Proxy Series 2021-22 Preview' thread here.

The Track: The Rock County Eighth Mile is a seven-foot timed strip (1/8 mile in true HO scale) made from the new 2019 Micro Scalextric sectional track. Cars must be fitted with braids to run on this track. Power is set at 12 volts and 8 amps across the two lanes. Power to both lanes is triggered by a single switch firing a relay board. Timing is currently Trackmate Drag Basic, with Drag RC being prepared for introduction in 2022. After the finish line, there is a two-foot shutdown with dynamic braking and a well-padded catch box.

Sending cars: Aim for your cars to arrive in Brighton at least 72 hours before the first day of the event,  so they can be quarantined (if necessary) and then registered for qualifying. Please also pack in a small box (max height 7.5cm if possible) and pay for your postage online so no-one needs to go near a post office. These races are designed to be Covid-safe events that are accessible to everyone and can continue whatever restrictions might be in place. You may - of course - send cars for several races or the full duration of the series  - just let me know.

How to enter: Send me a private message or add a reply below. One car per class may be entered per person. Family members and friends are very welcome to enter too. I will message you with the address to send cars to. You will need to pay for return postage. Otherwise there is no race fee.

Overseas entrants must talk to me about customs forms on their parcels! The recipient (me) will normally be charged 20% of the stated value of the parcel, plus an £8 handling fee. As cars sent to these races are not commercial goods, I need to explain how to alert UK customs to this fact and avoid the fees.

Entries Race #14 - 9-10 November 2021

Micro Scalextric Street Stock: Jane, Jeremy, Rebecca, Andy, Bill, Kev, Clive, Iain (8)

Micro Scalextric Super Stock 6.0: Jane, Jeremy, Rebecca, Andy Pla, Bill, Andy Phi, Kev, Clive, Iain (9)

NHRA 4-Gear Funny Car & Pro Stock: Rebecca, Andy, Clive, Iain, Bill (5)

NHRA Top Fuel: Rebecca, Andy, Clive (3)

Nostalgia Micro Scalextric 2019 match-racing: Rebecca, Clive, Iain, Bill (4)
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Andy please enter me for one in each class. Wavegreen
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Andy, please enter me for all classes except for NHRA Top Fuel. 

Thanks, Iain
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The hurrier I go, the behinder I get.  Time 

I wanted to build new cars for this race. I can't send the old cars unchanged, and simply ran out of time. I hate it when life gets in the way of our hobbies.

Good luck to everyone!

Next round for me please?

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Please enter my Baretta Pro Stocker in the NHRA Funny Car and Pro Stock class and Red 59 Corvette in the Nostalgia Micro Scalextric 2019 class.

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Anyone looking for Micro Scalextric 2019 chassis, then Jadlam have the Wonder Woman car in their clearance sale:

You'd need to change the body, of course. But with the discount code RCR racers should have received, that's £9 posted in the UK.

Box of four cars posted today. Nothing new, but a post-Halloween re-awakening for the Scarelextric Monster special. 
Unfortunately I wasn't able to complete a new entry for the MS 2019 class. It only needs a few more hours of effort, but just didn't
feel like working against the clock to hit the despatch deadline....

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Cars from Clive, Jeremy & Jane and Kev have arrived. They will be coming out of quarantine on Monday.
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Let's meet the cars for this race...


First there's Kev's cars, joined by a lovely Pontiac on a standard Micro chassis - that might be an option for a 2019 chassis next time.


Iain's Halloween-themed Street Stock car makes a return as part of a four-car entry.


Some of our South Coast cars - Jeremy and Jane from Eastbourne, plus Andy Phillip's Super Stock Mini from just over the Hampshire-West Sussex border.


From over the pond, Bill's car are looking at fabulous as ever.


Helter Skelter is back with its Norfolk garage-mates. Clive's cars will be in the hunt for medals.


Rebecca has a full set of cars this time.


And finally, it's a black Alfa for me - plus the usual NHRA suspects.

Qualifying will take place a little later today and - fingers crossed - I should rattle through the races tomorrow from mid-afternoon.
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Qualifying - all classes

Congrats to our top qualifiers!


And here are all the stats...





Definitely some odds-on favourites in three of the classes, but Street Stock is going to be a thriller. That'll be the final action on Wednesday evening.

There'll also be some match-racing, plus some exhibition runs for Kev's Pontiac and maybe a couple of others.

Tune in about 5pm tomorrow.
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