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Lights on! Le Mans Cars Championship

Wavegreen Good morning,

This is a new thread set up to follow the Le Mans cars Championship throughout the month of October.

I would like to thank all the entrants, the hosts and our sponsors for their support again in making this Proxy event possible.

So as Scheduled we have the following Le Mans Events

2/3rd October- Harlequin Raceway - report and results here
9/10th October- South Manchester Slot Club - report and results here
16/17th October - Goldrock 
23/24th October - NERCS Slot Club
30/31st October -Woodland Fort Slot Club
6th/7th November -Mountain View 

Each venue (host) will conduct their own event, determine the cars final positions , declare and post on the thread the winners and finishing positions for each of the four classes on the Results Forms as supplied. The event administrator (that's me) will then calculate the number of points gained by each car in each class and the overall Team points. After which I will post the Official results with points allocated chart, and as the series progresses also follow up with the accumulated series points for the classes and teams.

The points are allocated;
Day runs- 1st place = 8 pts, 2nd place =7 pts, etc until 8th place =1 pt, there after any class with more than 8 cars, the remaining 2 or 4 cars will also be awarded 1 pt each.
Dusk runs- as above for cars with lights, but for cars running without lights they will only gain half points, therefore 1st place for car without lights will be allocated 4 pts etc.

The Trophy and medals Table details will be posted soon and it is hoped we will be able to present the winners and runners up with some vouchers as we did before for the Road Race. George Turner Models has generously offered one of his kits.

Sponsors for the Le Mans Proxy Championship:
Pendle Slot Racing -
George Turner Models-
Amato Slot Racing Design
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Hi, the running of the Le Mans cars at Harlequin Raceway will start tomorrow morning.

One of our hosts has noticed my error in the schedule.

So the correct sequence of venues/hosts is
2/3rd October - Harlequin Raceway
9th/10th October - South Manchester Slot Club
16th/17th October - NERCS
23rd/24th October - Goldrock
30th/31st October -Woodland Fort
5th/6th November- Mountain View

And next hopefully is the photo shoots of the teams cars

Here is the Team cars getting ready for tomorrow.

This time the "George Turner Prize will go to the "Team" voted as having the best presented cars, and all entrants are invited to vote either by sending me a PM or by email, of course entrants cannot vote for their own Teams cars  Sun

So here are the Teams cars
Team Tatter

Bangers Racing

Wessy Racers

Green Star Racing

Rokers Roar

Team Cube

Mountain View Racing

Kessel Run

S&P Racing

Ruscillo Racing


Scott Sports Racing

MAD Racing

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Welcome to 

  Checkeredflag  Harlequin Raceway Le Mans Cars Checkeredflag

Below is the track layout I shall be using, it is a Carrera Track which is 21metres in lane length, both lanes are exactly equal but for this event I will only be using one lane throughout. I shall be running it in the opposite direction than normal (just to reduce the familiarisation aspect) for the "Day run" and then in the normal direction of flow (which I am used to using) for the "Dusk run" which I will start in the late afternoon - early evening. I am going to use 12volt power source and a DS type controller.
I intend to run 10 laps then pit stop for cleaning the tyres and then another 10 laps. The measurement will be the fastest lap out of the 20.


I will be starting shortly and will post up the results for each class as they are recorded.
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Wavegreen Good morning,

Sorry for the delay, 
well the plan had been to be up nice and early on Sunday morning to do the "Day run" then I thought I would have lunch and a nice rest before dong the "dusk run" in the early evening. So I was up nice and early, ready and roaring to go and then the mains power went off  Tappingfoot So as a consequent we had to wait until just before 1pm before I could get  underway.  We have the road up just down the road from where I live (been working on re-siting the services for about 2 months), so I suspect it was an issue with that but when I enquired with the workforce, there was the usual shrugging of the shoulders and scratching of heads.

But we did get underway, and as a result by the time I finished the "Day run" it was turning to "Dusk"  So after a short break, I was back on trying to complete the next stage which lasted to about 11pm. So it was more like a 24hour race than I had anticipated  Rofl

So sorry I did not get to post the results as it actually happened, in the end I just wanted to crack on with running the cars, but I did finish and I will post the results  shortly.
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So to start with I thought I would share some photos with you.

Harlequin track layout - in the daylight




Even had some early morning sunshine yesterday, followed by heavy rain in the afternoon.
I should add that the "Raceway"  is the lower level Carrera track, not to be confused with the Rally track around the back of the room.

And here are some traditional Le Mans Start type shots

Modern GT's


Modern GT1's and GTE


Modern LMP's


Modern Group C


Classic Le Mans


!964-1975 Ford GT's


!964-1975 Challengers

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And finally before I post the Harlequin Race results

The Track at night



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Harlequin Raceway Le Mans Cars Results

CLASS A - Modern GT's


Ist  place  - S&P Racing - Porsche 911 RSR
2nd place  - Mountain View Racing - Aston Martin Vantage 
3rd  place- Team Tatter - Aston Martin Vantage

Class B - Modern Prototype ( LMP, Group C etc)


Ist place - Team Tatter - Audi R8
2nd place - Green Star Racing - Porsche 956
3rd place- Kessel Run- Oreca 


Class C Classic Le Mans Cars 1950-1963



1st Place - Roadrunners - Aston Martin DB1/2 (Sir Stirling Moss)  Sun
2nd Place -S&P Racing - Porsche 550
3rd Place - Mountain View Racing - Ferrari 250GTO


Class D - 1964-1975 Le Mans Cars



1st place - Team Tatter - Ford GT MKIV
2nd place - Mountain View Racing - Ford GT MKIV
3rd place - Meseyspeed - Ford GT40 MK1


I will allocate the Class and Team points tomorrow

Pendle Slot Racing -
George Turner Models-
Amato Slot Car Design
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Well done Graham despite all the challenges of power cuts... 
so far so good but really nice well prepared cars and the times are looking very close.
This will be a close run event, best keep looking out for the results. 
Loved the pictures too??? Checkeredflag

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