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My track - routed

My track was transplanted from the garage at our old place to a spare bedroom, so was shortened about 3m, resulting in a tight, twisty yet flowing 3 laner. Made from 12mm MDF, 9mm slot, copper braid. Timing is RC, which I'm trying to get set up again (see separate post). Will tidy edges, bench etc. when that is done.

Total length 11m in 5 sections. Layout allows for access to storage in the room (for my 150+ cars) and can be run with 3 drivers with/without a marshall.

Images should be visible as attachments.

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Hello Difinity,

Your track looks cool. Very swoopy.

It took me several minutes looking at the pics to figure out the flow. But it all makes sense.

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Great looking track and really effective use of space!! Thanks for sharing. Thumbup

Yes, the cars on the top part are facing the wrong way.
Flow is clockwise, around the big sweeper, up through the donut (raises 250mm from the board to the return hairpin), down along the back wall, past the tree and back down underneath finally coming out on the (facing) right side. 

Total elevation is 250mm with the drop off the top like Laguna Seca's - drops and sweeps slightly (about 15-20 degrees) into a right hand turn. This turn (underneath the top section is almost a hairpin, just an few centimeters of almost straight).

It fun, but very challenging - needs a very well balanced car, and has helped with development of mine for the other tracks the Club races on.
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