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#1 CA49a Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 - 24 Hours of Spa 2018 - Matt Parry, Alex Buncombe & Lucas Ordoñez. RRP £62.95. Scheduled Q3 2021

The next model in's 'Modern GT' range can't be too far away. UK distributor Gaugemaster published these two pictures in their latest 'Racing Lines' newsletter (here)...


There's also a page for the car on the website and plenty of wonderful photos of this fabulous looking car...


Nissan have had a GT3 homologated GT-R available since 2012. The cars have won in Japanese Super GT GT300, the various Blancpain (now GT World Challenge) series and took a prestigious win at the 2015 Bathurst 12-hours. The 2018-spec GT-R Nismo GT3 model bottom-up re-design - a new engine and gearbox, plus changes to the length, rear track, wheelbase and weight of the car. This is the version modelled by


The new 2018-spec car was entered in the Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup by Team RJN - GT Sport Motul, alongside a 2017-spec Silver Cup car. The #23 Nissan was driven by Matt Parry, Alex Buncombe & Lucas Ordoñez - with Jann Mardenborough deputising for fellow gamer-turned-racer Ordoñez at the final round in Barcelona. Results for the Pro-rated team were solid, finishing fifth at Paul Ricard and then running successfully in the top ten throughout the Spa 24-hours, ending up seventh. This is what it looked (and sounded) like from inside...

Spa was the highlight of the season for the Team RJN Nissan - it led the race during the night and was the highest placed non-German make at the end of the 2018-spec's first 24-hour race. The performance and muscular good looks made the GT-R Nismo GT3 a fan favourite, especially in the Asian GT series. I really hope produce the KCMG cars.


Of course, the GT-R follows the company ethos of absolutely top-notch detail and scale accuracy, paired with performance parts. The quality is a level above most of's competitors in the GT slot car market. Although I am very fond of a Maserati MC, it's this car that will get collectors and racers super-excited about the new Modern GT range.


Under the body is the sidewinder layout that seems to be standard for the GTs. Although that might not fit the GT anglewinder orthodoxy, it's certainly a perfect set-up for serious home racers - and preferred by some club racers, where rules allow. The 23k S-Can motor certainly offers plenty of power, if less torque. Of course, it's an easy change to fit an anglewinder pod... The car is also fitted with the SP45 connectors which allow easy digital conversion - or motor swaps - without the need for soldering.

There's no firm release date from yet. Although it shouldn't be too far away. I can't wait! The Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 is available on pre-order from most UK retailers.

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Red cars always look fast!

It looks tall compared to some other GT3 slot cars like the Corvette, I hope that doesn't dampen enthusiasm for it at competition level.

I love puttering with gears
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The advertised dimensions are:
  • Length - 156mm
  • Height - 41mm
  • Wheelbase - 89 mm
  • Front/rear track - 64mm
  • Weight - 83g
All of which are in the GT3 ballpark - but definitely higher than a Huracán or the squished Sideways, Scaleauto and NSR cars. And scale accuracy is important to This is from Maurizio Ferrari a few years ago...

Quote:For us, competition in the market is a result of competition on tracks. However, and I have repeated this concept many times, and I will repeat it once again here, we are not going to alter the car design for the sake of speed. I firmly believe, and our latest cars prove it, that we can make cars that look like the real car and are at least as fast as anyone else's.
Fighting talk!

Interestingly, looking at the official stats for the Mercedes AMG GT3, the 1:32 scale height should be no lower than 38mm and no higher than 40mm. These are the heights of the models...
  • Carrera - 44mm
  • Scalextric - 38mm
  • SCX - 38mm
  • NSR - 38mm
  • Scaleauto - 35mm
If and Racer Sideways made one, I think I know where they'd be on that list.
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For me it is a must that a model is scaled as correctly as possible.

Hub Thumbup
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I agree.

The more 'correct scale' models produced, the sooner the slotified models will stop being 'the norm'.

I love puttering with gears
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For me scale accuracy is a must. I have a collection of Australian Ford Falcon's and the XW & XY models are narrower than what they should be. It gets disappointing when you love the real car.
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I hope has been able to address the quality issues since the Maserati. Mine was a bit rough. This would be a nice addition to the grid.

As far as perfect scale goes, I have read that mold makers often have to tweak some details because a perfect 1/32 model looks “off” to the eye. I would think that if wheelbase and track are scale that little adjustments to make the car appear right when compared the the full size car would be OK.
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Thanks for the dimensions Mr. Woodcote!!....... plus what a beautiful car!   I wonder if that is the .75 or 1mm offset pod.....
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The CA49A Nissan has arrived in the UK and will be available from retailers over the next few days...


The car is fitted with the CH65 1.0mm Offset EVO6 motor mount.

Also available in the same shipment are the following GT range spares...

CA49z GT-R Nismo GT3 white kit
CS49t-60 Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 chassis
CS49p Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 spare parts
CS49v Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 transparent parts
PA82 Wheel inserts, RAYS type 9 spoke for Ø17,3mm wheels
PT1323C1 C1 compound, slick, dwg 1323 (4x) for GT3 models
PT1323G25 G25 compound, slick, dwg 1323 (4x) for GT3 models
CS43b Maserati GT3 body kit
CS48b Maserati GT4 body kit

Plus these digital accessories...

SP15c Universal Hornby SSD chip
SP47 Noise motor filter for O2/SSD/D132 in-car module (1x)
SP48 Spare flat cables for SP44 (2x)

And there will be a second livery on the Nissan next year...


That's the one I was hoping for Thumbup
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#10 have just announced that the CA49b KCMG Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 will be released later this month, along with the Camel Mercedes 190E. Fingers-crossed we receive some images of the Nissan and I'll do the full SlotRacer write-up. I've been saving up for this one.
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