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Chassis distortion. How to fix?

Recently found a really nice Scalextric 'The Sun' Subaru - the one with the black and yellow checks. Not new and as usual had fun cleaning it up and sorting out some cosmetic issues.

However, when I came to address the running gear the chassis had been badly distorted by being screwed down so tightly onto the base, without the support of a spacer washer, that the offset thumbscrew had pulled one side of the chassis down to touch the base!

Removing the chassis from the base and body has allowed it to relax back to a better shape but there is still a bit of a bow to it on one side.

I've had it strapped down to an engineered chassis block and left it on a hot radiator all day, which has improved it further but it's still got a little bit of a 'Spring' to it.

Is there a fix for this please?

ASCC - slot car setup : Part #1 - Straightening a chassis - YouTube

is method i use 
but could be awkward on some of the scalextric moulded chassis 

hope it helps 
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Discussed during Greg Gaub's "worldwide slot car chat" episode 51 last night 
Youtube coverage will be posted shortly i expect.

Non-flat or clamshell type chassis are much more difficult to flatten.
You have to shim the chassis up using screws ot spacers.


Thanks both. Thumbup 

Looks like I've been working along the right lines. Chassis was shimmed and strapped down to the block and heated - but not as radically as the boiling water/oven method. 

Think I'll carry on along hybrid lines to try and get the last little tweak out then. 

Thanks again.  Cool

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