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SlotRacer Supports Proxy Racing


There was some discussion about whether we needed a Proxy Racing section here on the SlotRacer forum... and then the Coronavirus pandemic came along. Suddenly, proxy racing became the only reliable and safe way for people to 'meet up' and race slot cars. It certainly looks as if plenty of first-time competitors and hosts have caught  the proxy bug!

SlotRacer Online would like to continue to support proxy racing events by offering the forum as a place to host event coverage - and by offering organisers some of our new glossy SlotRacer Online 'Proxy' vinyl stickers that Jason has designed and have just arrived from the printers...


The stickers - one per entrant - are available to any proxy event organiser hosting their coverage here at SlotRacer Online.

Of course, we can also offer you practical advice and assistance in getting the best out of the features of this forum - for example to include photos, video and documents in the text of your posts - although most of those tips can be found in the About the Forum section. We can also help index the various rounds or stages of your event in the opening post - as in the WHO Winter Rally-Sprint thread here. That will need help from a forum admin.

But most of all, we'd like to build a friendly and supportive community where proxy fans can get together and enjoy this growing branch of our hobby.

If you're a proxy event organiser and want to talk more, just send me a message.
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A great initiative Andy. 
Even the most hard-core trigger monkeys (like me) have had our eyes opened up by the proxy resurgence during 
the pandemic.
I now see proxies as just one more way to race and will certainly be doing more 

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Proxy racing is a great opportunity for people like me who don’t have access to a club. I have been taking part in proxy drag racing in the States for about four years now. The races are held about every two months. I regularly send about five cars and have been reasonably successful. My cars are packed and sent across the pond and are returned quickly, with no damage.
The races that Andy has organised have been very successful and he now has some of the Americans sending cars over here. More proxy events would be very welcome and I am sure they would be well supported even after the pandemic is over. The Rally sprint event has also been well supported.
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Any tips on labelling the packaging when you send them abroad to avoid being charged duty or taxes, either on the way out or on their return?

I love puttering with gears
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This is the advice Alan (pondiless) received from HM Revenue & Customs...

Quote:We cannot advise on how to export, other than to complete and affix a form CN22 or CN23. It will be the US authorities who will decide whether to charge taxes on it. Please seek advice from the US postal service.
On the return shipment to the UK, the sender should attach a form CN22 or CN23 and write "Returned Goods" clearly on it.

Unless stated otherwise on the customs form, custom services in any country will assume the contents of a package are a purchase or a gift and therefore have commercial value. Tax and import duty (where appropriate) will be charged in proportion to the value stated on the customs form - sometimes including the shipping costs - plus a processing fee. There is usually a threshold under which no charges are made - in the UK it's £15 for purchases and £39 for gifts. And that's based on an official monthly HMRC exchange rate, not the exchange rate on your credit card, PayPal etc. It's also the HMRC rate when your parcel is processed by HMRC, not when it was purchased.

Cars shipped to a proxy race are not gifts or purchases - ownership doesn't change - and you shouldn't have to pay tax or customs duty. The HMRC advice to write 'Returned Goods' is sensible. Another option I've used as a competitor is 'Return for Repair' - the goods have already been purchased and they will be coming back to me. And they probably will be tweaked / repaired at some point! It is also advisable to consider the value written on the customs form. Ask yourself - how much did the recipient pay you for the contents? Are they now the owner? That is one way of calculating the value to the recipient - and therefore the taxes they ought to morally and legally pay.
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(23rd-Feb-21, 09:02 AM)BourneAgainRacer Wrote:  Any tips on labelling the packaging when you send them abroad to avoid being charged duty or taxes, either on the way out or on their return?

Declaring the items/cars as being returned definitely is well worth doing. EG: "Not For Sale, items will be returned to owner". As well as labelling the parcel, a note inside giving full details of the event is good, including contact information for someone at each end of the shipment. Attached is such a note that has been used several times. It is crucial that entrants declare a low value for their car when sending in. The event admin needs to warn that if a car arrives and the local customs people demand an import fee, the car will not be accepted by the event team. If potential entrants are not prepared to value their car at 10 pounds/dollars they should not enter.


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