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Question How do I fix wires to pins -> guide

Hi All,

Apologies if this is a newbie/obvious question but I have a an Elf F1 car (C135) and the wires which attach to the braid guide are disconnected. I have the round metal pin which fits into the guide but how does the wire attach to the pin. If i crimp or squeeze the pin it will become mis-shaped and wont' fit in the guide.

Please see the attached image.

Thanks in advance.

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If the pins are like the ones on my cars, there is a small hole in the rounded end.

If so, you push the wire in the open end of the pin and it should pop out of that hole in the rounded end. You then fold the bare copper strands back against the pin, and once you have pushed the pin back into the guide, the wire will be held in position.

Does that make sense?

I love gears (& urethanes)
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Hello SpaceBiscuit,
I hope this photo helps. You can see how the red wire has been stripped to expose a short length of the inner and then folded back over the ferrule that the wire has been pushed through.  The white wire with ferrule has been pushed into the guide to jam the braid in place.



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Thanks guys - yes makes absolute sense and is blindingly obvious and simple once you know how!
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If you want a better option to secure the wire, use a Hex M2 grub screw - 2x5mm is what I use. Strip the wire the same as you would if using the metal ferule and place it through the plastic guide hole. Then place the braid in the guide so that about 3mm is sticking out the top. Be sure the wire is under the braid, not on top, and insert the screw as you would insert the ferule. Screw it in 2/3 of the way and it's secured until you take it out. I started doing this to every car I tweak and I'll never use those metal ferules again! They come lose sometimes and the screws don't.
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Thanks worked a treat. Whilst I am on a roll can I ask about changing the lights on an XR3i. I have the grain of wheat bulbs and I can see that the each end should fit with the green or brown wire in a hole between the headlights. Is the bulb wire pushed into the hole before the metal piece - which will keep it held in place?

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I hope you guys don't mind me posting further questions rather than starting new threads - but 2 cars spin when the wheels are off the track but I put them on the track and they barely move. I have fitted new tyres - one (an xr3i) runs fine if I remove the body - does this suggest the motor is failing - too much weight o push the car? The other car is an f1 type and the motor makes a bit of a noise as it stops. anything else I can try before swapping the engines out?

Are the tyres rubbing on the bodywork? If you try and turn them by hand, can you feel any resistance?

Another possibility might be the traction magnets holding the car down onto the track might be overwhelming your (tired?) motors? When you place the cars down on the track, can you feel any magnetic attraction pulling the car down?

I love gears (& urethanes)

I know nothing about electronics so can't help with you lighting problem...

I love gears (& urethanes)

Can't say that I can feel any magnet pull on the car, one of the tyres does look a little tight on the wheel arch, however I just tried a lap with the bodywork removed and the car only just made it around so this would suggest the motor is on its way out I guess!

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