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Anyone for a Ferrari 250 SWB??

Some more cars I have had in the to do pile - a couple for years and a couple that have only just arrived.




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In answer to your question...

Yes please, I'll take one off your hands.

[when it's finished]

This is another one i have to add to my chassis to 3dp list

Alexis - be careful though - the 3 makes are different sizes - so it definitely requires chassis length adjustability....

Some updated pics



GP Miniatures

GP Miniatures

GP Miniatures

Trying some new pics from my phone





This is the GPM kit. Casting is outstanding. Cannot fault it. But you need To be a top builder to put all the metal pieces on. As I am not I failed miserably with the rear window surround ?
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I have always desired GPM cars - and when I was able to pick up 2 kits recently I was so pleased.

Not so much at the moment.....

The body castings are out of this world. The windows fit like gloves. But I was and am unimpressed with the lights, interior and the lack of a simple instruction.
For anyone out there that needs to build one - the windows need to recess slightly, so that the metal frames fit properly. But there is nowhere that states this. Sio I made a hash of the windows on this one as nothing fitted correctly. I substituted the front headlights for units I bought separately from Spain..

Lets just say my next car of GPM's - the Moss car, will be much better.



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Building continues and I have got the rear window surround correct on this one


Why oh why was in a kit of this quality it supplied as left had drive. Both Le Mans and Goodwood versions were right hand drive????


So my hand made correction.
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95 % finished on Sir Stirlings car, with the last 2 waiting for me to order parts.....





Current situation with the protoslot kit - actually a very very nice rendition - better than the GPM  and Ocar versions


Then this is where I am with the Ocar version - actually for the price - a very neat kit!



PS I HATE photgraphing my cars - they look awful under the microscope. Need one of those filters that the old actors/tresses used to smooth away wrinkles Tappingfoot Rofl
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Nice work - thanks for sharing! I've learned to fit parts together before working on them to get an idea of the work involved. It'll eliminate the rear window/surround issue you happened on.

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