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BlackArrow Ferrari

[Image: 5FtiuAB.jpg]
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Same photo with some AI help...
[Image: hqjzkK6.jpg]
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I feel there are some tricks you can teach us all about this AI is it different to manually adjusting a photos brightness/contrast etc?

I love puttering with gears

Well BAR, I'm just figuring it out myself.  The first photo of the Ferrari is done with a background I found on the internet, and to make it look real, I had to make the car a relative size to the tire stack.  In the second photo, AI had been used to expand the background, which it did perfectly (IMHO)!  If you have a Photoshop membership, there are tutorials to show you how this is done, and it's fairly easy.

Irrespective of the quality photography and the AI jiggerry pokery,
The " GT italia " is a  beautiful model to start with.
Shame they seem to be no longer available.

Couldn't agree with you more...glad I got one when I could!

Ummmhmmm - that is gorgeous - I missed them sadly!!

Electric Dreams in the US still has kits with painted bodies for sale at $99.99.

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